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James Mason





WMS - Population Evidence and Technologies
University of Warwick
Tel: 02476 151853
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Research Interests

James is a Professor of Health Economics within Warwick Medical School. He works primarily with Warwick Evidence on NICE-funded HTA projects and for Warwick CTU on economic analysis of clinical trials.

Research interests are wide-ranging including economic analysis within clinical trials, economic models, cost-effectiveness of implementation, trial design, systematic review, epidemiological enquiry and evidence-based medicine.

Particular areas of experience include gastrointestinal, orthopedic and dermatological conditions. James serves as a methodologist on the NIHR HS&DR Board and the National Joint Registry Research Committee. He has previously served on the NIHR HTA themed commissioning panel and Programme Grants sub-panel.

James joined University of Warwick in 2015, moving from Durham University where he was co-director of RDS-NE and where he established Durham CTU. He is lead health economist on a number of studies including:

AIR: A UK study of ankle injury rehabilitation: multicentre randomised controlled trialNIHR CDF. CI: Rebecca Kearney, WCTU
ARTISAN: Acute Rehabilitation following Traumatic anterior shoulder dISlocAtioN: A Multi Centre RCT. NIHR HTA. PI: Rebecca Kearney, WCTU
CAPACITY: Developing of a UK Evidence-Based Pathway for the Management of Chronic Constipation in Adults. NIHR PGfAR Programme Grant. CI: Charles Knowles, PCTU.
FORCE: The Forearm Fracture Recovery in Children Evaluation: A multi-centre prospective randomized equivalence trial. NIHR HTA. CI Dan Perry, NDORMS
SCIENCE: Surgery or Cast for Injuries of the EpicoNdyle in Children's Elbows. A multi-centre prospective randomized superiority trial. NIHR HTA.CI James Wright, NDORMS
START:REACTS: Subacromial spacer for Tears Affecting Rotator cuff Tendons: a Randomised, Efficient, Adaptive Clinical Trial in Surgery. NIHR HTA.CI: Andrew Metcalfe, WCTU

James is a co-investigator for:

COSMIC: Colorectal cancer with Synchronous liver-limited Metastases: an Inception Cohort study of standardised care pathways. CI: Ajith Siriwardena
PROCAP: PROCalcitonin-based algorithm for antibiotic use in Acute Pancreatitis (PROCAP): A randomised controlled trial. CI: Ajith Siriwardena

James is also a co-applicant on:

DIAMAND-LEWY. Improving the diagnosis and management of dementias of lewy body type in the NHS. NIHR PGfAR Programme Grant. CI: John O'Brien.

Research Projects

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