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Joyce Yeung

Job Title
Associate Clinical Professor
WMS - Warwick Clinical Trials Unit
Research Interests

Health service research including clinical trials Perioperative medicine, patient outcomes from major surgery, pain, delirium/cognitive dysfunction. Critical care and Resuscitation.


Dr Joyce Yeung is Associate Clinical Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Warwick. She is theme lead of the Emergency Perioperative, Prehospital and Critical Care Research group within Warwick Clinical Trials Unit. Clinically she holds appointments as a Consultant in Critical Care Medicine at University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Joyce Yeung is Director of UK Perioperative Medicine Clinical Trials Network, National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia. She is NIHR National Specialty Lead for Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management. She is Chair of ILS Subcommittee at Resuscitation Council UK. She is an expert systematic reviewer, Scientific Advisory Committee Member, and taskforce member of ILCOR. Fellow of European Resuscitation Council.

Dr Joyce Yeung is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy. She is module lead for Advanced Emergency Practice at Warwick Medical School.
ORCiD 0000-0003-2950-4758

Title Funder Award start Award end
Awake prone positioning in patients with acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure not due to COVID-19: a multi-centre, pragmatic, allocation concealed, individual patient randomised, parallel group, open-label clinical trial (AWAKE-PRONE) National Institute for Health Research (NIHR DoH) 01 Jan 2024 31 Dec 2027
Sugammadex for preventIoN oF pOst-operative pulmoNary complIcAtions (SINFONIA) National Institute for Health Research (NIHR DoH) 01 Jun 2022 01 Nov 2026
Assessing health inequalities in the prehospital critical care response to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients (fellowship for Adam Boulton) National Institute for Health Research (NIHR DoH) 01 Aug 2023 31 Jul 2026
NIHR HTA Stage 2: Volatile vs Total intravenous Anaesthesia for major non-cardiac surgery ? a randomised controlled triaL (VITAL) National Institute for Health Research (NIHR DoH) 01 Nov 2020 30 Apr 2025
NIHR HTA Stage 2 (stage 1 on ideate 74591) : Ventilation technologies: an overview of systematic reviews and meta-analyses National Institute for Health Research (NIHR DoH) 01 Sep 2023 28 Feb 2025
NIHR HTA 2nd stage. A randomised controlled trial of PAramediC analgesia Comapring Ketamine and MorphiNe in trauma (PACKMaN) National Institute for Health Research (DoH) 01 Sep 2019 31 May 2024
AWARD: RECOVERY-RS Respiratory Support: Respiratory Strategies in COVID-19; CPAP, High-flow, and standard care (link to 65887 - temp Site agreement) National Institute for Health Research (NIHR DoH) 01 Apr 2020 29 Feb 2024
NIHR HTA Stage 2: Perioperative Oxygen Therapy National Institute for Health Research (NIHR DoH) 01 Dec 2021 31 Mar 2023
NIHR HTA via University of Birmingham:"A Randomised Controlled Trial to investigate the clinical and cost - effectiveness of Paravertebral Blockade compared with Thoracic Epidural Blockade in reducing Chronic Post -Thoracotomy Pain (TOPIC 2)" National Institute for Health Research (NIHR DoH) 01 May 2018 31 Oct 2022
NIHR HTA:COVID-19 recovery and learning_Rehabilitation Exercise and psycholoGical support After covid-19 InfectioN (REGAIN) National Institute for Health Research (NIHR DoH) 01 Sep 2020 31 Aug 2022
UK National Screening Council: Screening to prevent sudden cardiac death in people aged 12 to 39 years old- evidence synthesis Public Health England 01 Nov 2018 31 Oct 2019
The School Lifesavers study: A Randomised controlled trial comparing the impact of Lifesaver Programme face-to-face training Novation from UOB Resuscitation Council (UK) 01 Apr 2017 31 Dec 2018
Elderly patients undergoing fractured neck of femur fixation GeRAFFE Joyce Yeung NIHR Fellowship, transfer in from Univ of Birmingham National Institute for Health Research (DoH) 01 Mar 2017 31 Dec 2018