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Dr Oyinlola Oyebode



Associate Professor


WMS - Population Evidence and Technologies
University of Warwick
Tel: +44 (0) 2476522644

Research Interests

Non-communicable diseases. Nutrition. Obesity. Cardiovascular disease. Neurological disease. Mental illness. Sub-Saharan Africa. Low and middle-income countries. Urbanisation. Health Policy.

Research Projects

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  • Scantlebury, Rachel Jane, Moody, Alison, Oyebode, Oyinlola, Mindell, Jennifer Susan, 2018. Has the UK Healthy Start voucher scheme been associated with an increased fruit and vegetable intake among target families? Analysis of Health Survey for England data, 2001–2014. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, View
  • Johnson, Rebecca E., Oyebode, Oyinlola, Walker, Sadie, Knowles, Elizabeth, Robertson, Wendy, 2018. The difficult conversation : a qualitative evaluation of the 'Eat Well Move More' family weight management service. BMC Research Notes, 11 (1), View
  • Jones, Helen M., Al-Khudairy, Lena, Melendez-Torres, G. J., Oyebode, Oyinlola, 2018. Viewpoints of adolescents with overweight and obesity attending lifestyle obesity treatment interventions : a qualitative systematic review. Obesity Reviews, View
  • Murphy, Marie, Robertson, Wendy, Oyebode, Oyinlola, 2017. Obesity in international migrant populations. Current Obesity Reports, 6 (3), pp. 314-323, View
  • Ezeh, Alex, Oyebode, Oyinlola, Satterthwaite, David, Chen, Y-F.??, Ndugwa, Robert, Sartori, Jo, Mberu, Blessing, Melendez-Torres, G. J., Haregu, Tilahun, Watson, Samuel I., Caiaffa, Waleska, Capon, Anthony, Lilford, Richard, 2017. The history, geography, and sociology of slums and the health problems of people who live in slums. The Lancet, 389 (10068), pp. 547-558, View
  • Lilford, Richard, Oyebode, Oyinlola, Satterthwaite, David, Melendez-Torres, G. J., Chen, Y-F.??, Mberu, Blessing, Watson, Samuel I., Ndugwa, Robert, Sartori, Jo, Caiaffa, Waleska, Haregu, Tilahun, Capon, Anthony, Saith, Ruhi, Ezeh, Alex, 2017. Improving the health and welfare of people who live in slums. The Lancet, 389 (10068), pp. 559-570, View

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • Understanding healthy weight in adolescents in Coventry. Date of Completion:2019
  • Role of maternal adverse (risk) outcomes and ethnicity on offspring body fat content in White Caucasians and South Asians. Date of Completion:2019
  • Urbanisation and its Impact on Food Cultures, Health and the Environmental Sustainability of diets in sub- Saharan Africa Date of Completion:2020
  • Reducing affordability of tobacco products in Pakistan: Prospective Policy Analysis Date of Completion:2020
  • Non-communicable diseases in Sierra Leone: understanding the prevalence and risk factors associated with urbanisation. Date of Completion:2020

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