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Aims and Learning Outcomes

Develop your expertise in systems improvement in healthcare settings, learn to contribute to the field of knowledge in systems improvement and enable a culture of change and innovation throughout healthcare systems

Learn to
  • Understand the philosophies underlying systems improvement including systems thinking, total quality management and demand management
  • Understand that any productive process relies on human, technical and organisational resources
  • Evaluate the usability and utility of widely used approaches, tools and techniques for systems improvement in healthcare settings
  • Identify and evaluate the underlying organisational factors that may produce the need for systems based improvements
  • Apply principles of systems improvement to the identification, assessment and mitigation of deficiencies in their own work environment
  • Compare and contrast across discipline borders and learn from other specialities and contexts
  • Understand the link between systems improvement, patient safety, quality of care and cost-effectiveness
Module delivery

Each course will consist of 40 hours of structured learning activity delivered over 5 days, covering:

  • Systems theory and clinical systems improvement
  • Lean thinking and practice in healthcare including principles of lean, waste and value
  • Business Process Re-engineering and radical redesign
  • Failure Analysis and reduction of waste
  • Patient safety as a system failure
  • Demand management and scheduling including theory of constraints
  • Leading improvement, managing change and the improvement culture
  • Measuring and evaluating improvement
  • Process redesign and mapping tools including A3, value stream mapping, current and future state maps
  • The health economy and supply chain integration


    Sue Peach 

    T: +44 (0)24 7615 0453