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Aims and Learning Outcomes

Although most children present with Type 1 diabetes other forms of diabetes are no longer uncommon and require specialist understanding and management.

This module aims to equip multidisciplinary healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide the specialist care required for children with these types of diabetes. The module informs on diagnosis and management with emphasis on pharmacological and lifestyle approaches.

Learn to:
  • Display enhanced knowledge and understanding of the rarer forms of diabetes in children and adolescents, demonstrating critical understanding of the differential diagnosis
  • Evaluate and critically consider the requirement of education and support for children and their families who are living with rare forms of diabetes
  • Critically appraise nutritional management, demonstrating a knowledge of carbohydrate counting and its role in the management of rare forms of diabetes
  • Systematically analyse the role of obesity in the aetiology of Type 2 diabetes
  • Display in-depth knowledge of the pharmacological and lifestyle interventions necessary for optimum metabolic control of Type 2 and other forms of diabetes and for prevention of the complications specific to those conditions
  • Critically evaluate the role of counselling in response to needs of children with chronic illness, their carers and their families
  • Evaluate and critically consider national and international documents relating to the delivery of diabetes care for children; including the Children’s National Service Framework standards and delivery strategies and NICE guidelines