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Aims and Learning Outcomes

The course will cover the diagnosis and management of obesity and common eating disorders in people with diabetes.  You will also gain knowledge and skills in the management of obesity and eating disorders in people with diabetes.

Learn to:
  • Demonstrate an advanced knowledge and understanding of what obesity is, how it is diagnosed, its genetics and physiology
  • Evaluate the evidence for the link between diabetes and obesity
  • Understand the health benefits of weight loss with a critical understanding of any harms that could also occur
  • Evaluate and critically consider national and international documents relating to obesity, including those published by the government, NICE and the Royal College of Physicians
  • Explore and critically understand commercially available diets e.g. Atkins, Slimmer’s World, Weight Watchers
  • Evaluate the benefits of anti obesity and diabetes drug therapies and be able to apply this knowledge to clinical situations
  • Explore and understand the role of surgery in the management of obesity Systematically analyse the benefits of exercise and understand how to advise people with diabetes how to adjust their therapies in relation to exercise
  • Show a knowledge and understanding of behavioural change for diet and exercise
  • Know how to recognise eating disorders and understand their link with diabetes
  • Demonstrate a readiness to revise judgments and to change behaviour in the light of evidence