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Aims and Learning Outcomes

What are organisations? What makes them tick? How do you implement change in organisations to deliver modern health policies?

  • To introduce participants to theories of public policy through relevant health case studies
  • To apply learning to practice; with a particular focus on developing expertise in organisational and policy development, partnership working and change management
  • To enable participants to manage organisational relationships and performance more effectively
  • To review relevant theories of organisational behaviour and their links to contemporary developments in both the formulation and implementation of polic
Learning Outcomes:


Students will be able to:

  • understand current NHS reform debates and the policy determinants
  • appreciate a range of public policy theories and how they can be used to analyse and explain health policy
  • understand key contemporary and historical policy milestones in the NHS
  • gain an awareness of key actors and organisations in health policy
  • contribute more effectively to local and national policies
  • apply appropriate models of organisational change in practice
  • incorporate relevant perspectives on organisational behaviour into management decision making in practice
  • acquire a sharper and functional awareness of the politics of the NHS