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Aims and Learning Outcomes

The MSc in Child Health aims to prepare you to take a leading role in the organisation and delivery of community-based child health services

  • Place the health issues of this vulnerable group within a context of parenting as a key determinant of child health and wellbeing
  • Discuss parenting programmes as a strategy to improve child health across the population
  • Consider child health promotion strategies to address risk taking behaviours seen in many adolescents, but particularly in children looked after
Learn to:
  • Understand a wellbeing Module of Health
  • Understand parenting as a proximal determinant of emotional and social health
  • Know the evidence for parenting programmes as an intervention in the population as a whole and vulnerable groups in particular
  • Understand the health needs of children in public care and the legislation 'Promoting the health of looked after chidren'
  • Critically evaluate the evidence for health promotion strategies in risk taking behaviours

    Child Health


    Hazel Cann

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