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Postgraduate Induction and Your Professional Development


When you join WMS to study one of our postgraduate qualifications you will, in addition to completing your chosen programme, undertake our Induction and Professional Development module.

This module will introduce you to all the underpinning regulations, guidance and support available to you during your postgraduate study. It is important to complete this module whether you are doing a Masters, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Award as it is a pre-requisite for all the other modules you might wish to take.

This module adds value to your chosen course of study and gives you the opportunity to evaluate your employability skills through the careers and skills content. You will also have the support to develop your professional development plan.

Professor Lesley Roberts, our Deputy Dean and Pro-Dean Education, welcomes you to Warwick Medical School and explains what we aim to achieve in the delivery of postgraduate education.

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Key facts

Course leader:Gurpreet Chouhan


  • An initial 12 hours which may be completed entirely onlineorby attending six hours' face-to-face teaching followed by six hours' online learning
  • 30 hours of tailored online, signposted, self-directed learning
  • 8 hours of self-directed reflective learning and content


Module code: NT901

Induction Registration

Module syllabus

1. Regulations/guidelines and support available for PGT study

  • Referencing and plagiarism, assessment submission and feedback
  • Attendance and engagement, evaluation, pastoral care, SSLC, staff roles and student responsibilities
  • Study spaces and resources

2. Identifying your course structure and progression planning

3. Academic and professional skills development

  • Communication skills
  • Academic writing
  • IT skills
  • Research skills

4. Personal development plan

  • Identifying links between your PGT course and continuing professional development (CPD).


Master's or PG Certificate

All six of the elements below need to be successfully completed either via face-to-face induction + online learning or entirely online for a pass:

1. Access the PGT and CPD handbook
2. Successfully complete the PlagiarWise quiz
3. Access the course guide
4. Complete the online module selection form
5. Successfully complete the academic skills audit
6. Develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Postgraduate Award

The following two elements need to be successfully completed online for a pass:

1. Access the PGT and CPD handbook
2. Successfully complete the PlagiarWise quiz