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Aims and Learning Outcomes

This module provides health care professionals with an understanding of how the principles of palliative care can be integrated into the care and management of patients in the later stages of long term conditions

  • Consider the inequalities of existing specialist palliative care provision for patients with non malignant disease and analyse how current NHS policy may challenge this position in the future
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the palliative care needs of patients suffering from a range of non malignant diseases
  • Considers the social aspects of palliative care in non-malignant disease together with perspectives from primary and secondary care
Learn to:
  • Critically analyse the challenges that patients with long term conditions present to specialist palliative care services
  • Discuss the issues surrounding prognostication in long term conditions - defining when the transition to palliative care should occur
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of symptom management in non-malignant advanced disease
  • Critically analyse the theoretical, ethical and practical aspects of psychological support for patients and their families facing non-cancer long term conditions
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the sociological context of people dying from long term conditions and non malignant disease
  • Demonstrate an understanding of organisational elements involved in care of patients in primary and secondary care dying from advanced long term conditions.