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Aims and Learning Outcomes

The module comprises: lectures, guided reading, structured debate, simulation and group exercise.

You will choose an assessment topic from a selection provided, or, select a relevant topic of your choice with the prior agreement of the module leader.

The assessment tests your ability to make the important links between theory and practice and support the transfer of learning

  • A detailed understanding and analysis of the development of public policy in relation to patient involvement and be able to relate current thinking to the evolution of their own organisation
  • The ability to analyse and evaluate the different perspectives of engagement and involvement and to work with these outcomes to deliver more appropriate health services
  • An in-depth awareness of their own expectations and prejudices, and the ability to reflect and assess their impact on working with individuals from other professional, social and ethnic cultures
  • An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the importance of patient/public involvement at their place of work, together with the development of skills and confidence in assessing need, and designing and implementing a patient/public involvement strategy within their workplace
  • The skills and confidence to use patient/public involvement techniques in an appropriate and constructive manner and to measure outcomes
  • An understanding of the barriers to effective patient involvement and to the implementation of change indicated by the outputs from involvement activities, together with proven strategies and techniques to overcome those barriers

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