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Organisation and Delivery of Diabetes Care

Subject to University approval, this module will merge with MH919 Principles of Diabetes Care and become  Principles and Delivery of Diabetes Care.

This module has been designed to develop the knowledge and skills in the organisation and delivery of high quality care, responsive to physical, emotional, psychological and social needs of people with diabetes. The module is aimed at specialist doctors, doctors in training, GPs, diabetes specialist nurses, practice nurses, diabetes facilitators, podiatrists, dietitians and community pharmacists.



Learning Outcomes

  • A critical appreciation of programmes and methods available in the educational process, which may be used in response to differing needs of people with diabetes, their carers and their families.
  • An understanding of the specific needs of people from ethnic minorities who are at an increased risk of developing diabetes.
  • An appreciation of service models of care available for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and an appreciation of the contribution that the individual can make to this.
  • Sufficient knowledge to respond competently to the requirements for implementation of the National Service Framework standards and delivery strategies.
  • An understanding of the role of clinical governance and audit in diabetes care provision

What is involved?

The module is taught as a five-day intensive study block, comprising lectures, group work and supervision.  The teaching and learning style is interactive, drawing on both the expert teachers and the experiences of students.




Module Leader

Claire Beck

Course Coordinator

Mary Nejedly

T +44 (0)24 7657 4634


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