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Pain Management

19 - 23 January 2009

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The module will help provide a critical approach to understanding the anatomy physiology and pharmacology of acute and chronic pain. It will also help in the  understanding of issues surrounding the setting up a  pain service and the role of education and research in furthering the sub-speciaility. The syllabus will cover a range of subjects beginning with an understanding of the anatomy, physiology and pharmacology of pain management. You will be expected to gain considerable knowledge of clinical topics through to recognising the importance of education and audit and ethical issues surrounding the sensitive subject of pain management.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course the student will be able to: 

  • An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the anatomical and physiological basis of acute and chronic pain

  • Recognise, analyse, integrate history, physical and psychosocial aspects crucial to the diagnosis of pain syndromes.

  • Recognise and understand the underlying mechanism/s involved in the transition from acute pain state to chronic pain state

  • Show a good understanding of the origin, diagnosis and management of cancer pain

  • The role of multi-disciplinary approach to pain management
  • Recognise the role, advantages and limitations of non-pharmacological methods of pain management

  • Have a thorough understanding of the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics of the therapeutic interventions used in the management of acute and chronic pain

  • Demonstrate the ability to formulate a patient focussed strategy/ies for management of pain

  • Be aware of issues involved in the setting up of a pain service

  • Recognise the importance of education, audit and research for the future development of the speciality

  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues affecting pain management


Course Assessment

A 4,000 word assignment is required to gain 20 CATS points from the module. The aim of this assignment is to provide evidence of the student’s capacity for in-depth study; their skills in reviewing and critically appraising the literature, and their ability to critically apply the knowledge and skills gained.


Module Leader

Krish Ramachandran

Course Coordinator

Marie Mooney

T 44 (0)24 76574264

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