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Study Public Health at WMS

Could you protect populations against disease?

Our Masters in Public Health will develop the skills you need to help both individuals and whole communities.

Our Masters in Public Health is an interdisciplinary degree that draws upon expertise across a wide range of subject areas and seeks to explore the complexity of public health issues in the UK and internationally. Taught by academic professionals at the forefront of their fields, who have experience of advising bodies such as the World Health Organisation on key public health issues, you'll be well placed to develop the knowledge you need to make a real difference and advance your career.

Available to study for one year full time or three years part time, the course offers a wide range of optional modules, allowing you to pursue your own health-related interests. It's particularly aimed at those currently involved in the practice of aspects of public health, those seeking membership of the UK Faculty of Public Health, those working in health promotion and those interested in pursuing academic careers within public health.

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Saran Shantikumar

The MPH programme at WMS will give you the confidence to become a competent and valuable public health practitioner. It is geared towards giving you the exposure you need in the broad scope of practical and academic public health, as well as placing you in an excellent position to pass the Faculty of Public Health professional exams (should you wish to do so), all in a supportive environment. Read more

Public health research at WMS

A study by researchers at Warwick Medical School suggests that the ‘neighbourhood effect’ of slums could help to alleviate some of their associated health problems.

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