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Applying for a Masters

You can apply for a Masters at any time throughout the academic year. In your application you must state that you are an Academic Clinical Fellow, which Division you are in and that funding is available for you from your division within the University. You will need to pay for registration fees.

From the point of submitting your application it usually takes 8 weeks for all the conditions to be met and an unconditional offer to be made. Once you have been notified of the unconditional offer please accept it (‘firm’ the offer) and at this point you will be able to inform the relevant team which modules you’d like to do in your first year.

The Masters in Health Research and the Masters in Public Health are managed by

The Masters in Medical Education is managed by

Please contact them directly with any questions or general enquiries. Ensure that you have a discussion with your supervisor to explore which Masters is most appropriate for your career aspirations. A maximum of 3 modules each year is permitted so as to ensure that your clinical competencies do not suffer. Should you wish to do any further modules in a year written approval from both your academic and clinical supervisors will need to be provided to the IAT Lead before you apply.

It is also possible to do standalone modules as Post Graduate Awards. For PGAs you need to apply online for the individual module of interest and are able to do 2 per year. The Portfolio teams above are happy to answer any questions about this.