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Clinical Lecturerships

The NIHR Clinical Lectureship is one phase of the Integrated Academic Training Pathway recommended in the report “Medically- and dentally-qualified academic staff: Recommendations for training the researchers and educators of the future”. This report was produced by a joint Sub-Committee of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) and the NHS Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) to recommend initiatives that integrate the development of academic skills with each of the key stages of a clinician’s career.

Clinical Lectureships represent the second substantive phase of integrated clinical and academic training, which is intended to follow on from the Academic Clinical Fellowship phase. Clinical Lectureships are intended for those who can demonstrate outstanding potential through success at doctoral research and who show further potential for development as a clinical academic in research and/or education.

Clinical Lecturers are expected to undertake a PGCert in Medical Education.


Clinical Lectureships are available to trainees that have made satisfactory progress in both academic and clinical training and have completed a higher research degree. Trainees will have completed their Foundation Training and in most cases made substantial progress in their specialist training. GPs will have completed their vocational training. Exceptional candidates who are nearing the end of their vocational training may be considered.

Posts Available

Details of any available posts currently recruiting can be found at HR Job Search.

Clinical Lecturers at Warwick Medical School

Warwick Medical School currently has several Clinical Lecturers across a range of specialities:

Public Health Medicine

  • Dr Saran Shantikumar

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • Dr Lauren Lacey

General Practice

  • Dr Rachel Spencer
  • Dr Sarah Hillman

Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

  • Dr Tim Robbins

Emergency Medicine

  • Dr Chris Smith
Specialty Exemplar CL Projects/References

Anaesthetics/Intensive Care Medicine

Led by Associate Clinical Professor Joyce Yeung & Professor Gavin Perkins

Developing and evaluating the digitally enhanced liberation from ventilation system: A study of feasibility and user acceptance

Acute postoperative pain management.

Clinical Radiology

 Led by Professor Charles Hutchinson

Brown fat depots in adult humans remain static in their locations on PET/CT despite changes in seasonality

Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

Led by Associate Clinical Professor Thomas Barber

Investigation and management of vitamin B12 deficiency

BABY STEPS – a structured group education programme with accompanying mobile web application designed to promote physical activity in women with a history of gestational diabetes: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

General Practice

Led by Professor Jeremy Dale

Making hospital discharge safer for frail older patients: problems and solutions at the primary-secondary care interface

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Led by Professor Siobhan Quenby

Detection of Group B Streptococcus in pregnancy by vaginal volatile organic compound analysis: a prospective exploratory study

Volatile organic compound analysis, a new tool in the quest for pre-term birth prediction-an observational cohort study

Public Health Medicine

Led by Oyinlola Oyebode

Mir-15a/16 inhibit angiogenesis by targeting Tie2 coding sequence: therapeutic potential of a miR-15a/16 decoy system in limb ischaemia

Knowledge towards e-cigarette and tobacco harm reduction among public health residents in Europe


The NIHR provides £1,000 per financial year per trainee to Warwick. Warwick is responsible for managing the bursary fund and approving expenditure against the bursary. The bursary cannot be used for consumables and can be used for attending academic meetings and conferences that are an important part of your training.

Application for Funding Form

Once you have receipts and wish to reclaim funds please use the online expense system Concur to submit your request.

Progress review

You will undergo Annual Review of Competence Progression with your Clinical and Academic Supervisor. The latest version of the Gold Guide - A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK - includes the relevant forms and lots of general information. The Report on Academic Trainee's Progress form should be completed a month in advance of the ARCP meeting.

Each summer you will also be asked to complete an Output Report detailing your academic related achievements over the past year (such as publications, grants awarded) to help us evaluate individual and programme success.

Mentoring Options

ACLs are encouraged to pursue mentoring via any of the following:

Academic of Medical Sciences

The University mentoring scheme

NIHR Academy mentoring


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What if I don’t have any meetings or conferences to attend this year?

Can I apply to the bursary fund more than once/every year?

Can I change the academic/clinical time split from blocks to days per week or vice versa?

Who do I talk to about changing the time split?

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Can I change to working part-time if my circumstances change during my NIHR CL post?

Does the NIHR pay for my research expenses?

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Who should my employment contract be with?

If I remain employed by a NHS Trust, should I have an honorary contract with the University?

If I am employed by a University, should I have an honorary contract with the NHS Trusts in which I work?

Who should I speak to about obtaining an honorary NHS contract?

Who should I speak to if I am having difficulty managing my research and clinical commitments?

What if I continue to have concerns?

What is the role of the NIHR TCC in managing the NIHR CL programme?

What is the annual NIHR TCC trainees’ conference?

Can I apply for an Inter-Deanery transfer as a NIHR CL trainee?

How can I contact the NIHR TCC?

How can I get in contact with other NIHR CLs, either within my own specialty area or across a mix of specialties?

How do I get more information on the Leadership Programme?

How do I apply for one of the Academy of Medical Sciences/ Wellcome Trust starter grants?

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What information is available on the website?