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Pathways 2

Pathways 2 is designed to allow experiential exploration of an area of special interest. Within this module you will be asked to choose a Pathway option and attend corresponding learning sessions. Options will be drawn from a range of areas relating to the wider context of the course and could include Clinical skills, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Exercise as Medicine, Health Psychology, and Laboratory skills. Options will be reviewed annually and the offer may differ from year to year

Learning outcomes

  1. Explain how your new learning enhances your own skills and abilities
  2. Appraise in depth topics of relevance to your personal and professional development
  3. Develop greater competence in your own skills and abilities
  4. Communicate the results of your academic work verbally, visually or in writing
  5. Consider potential career paths in the context of your chosen option

Each option will also have its own distinct learning outcomes in addition to the general ones above.


10 weeks

Teaching methods
You will learn through a mix of lectures, group discussions, interactive presentations and technology enhanced learning.


1 x individual poster presentation
1 x written assignment