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Core Staff and Student Values

As medical students, our students are expected to abide by the professional standards for the medical profession described in the GMC document Good Medical Practice. We recognise that students are learning to become professionals and there may be times when they fall short of this level of practice. We also recognise that some of our students perform exceptionally highly. In line with GMC policy we encourage anyone who works with our students, or any patients who encounter our students, to provide feedback on their performance.

  • If you feel there is a student who should be recognised for their professional behaviour, you can submit a commendation.
  • If you feel there is a member of staff who should be recognised for their professional behaviour, you can submit a commendation.
  • If you have concerns about student professionalism, you can raise them here.

This process enables us to work with students to support their professional development and congratulate those who exhibit exemplary practice. If you have a serious or urgent concern about a student please contact Rebecca Mole (Head of Professional Standards) via email at

Student values

Feedback from the survey and focus group highlighted that at Warwick we support our students to develop and nurture these skills and attributes:

1. A compassionate, kind and caring attitude toward patients, co-workers and self.

2. A sense of responsibility for one's own knowledge, learning, development, and behaviour.

3. The ability to work collaboratively with others; listening, learning, reflecting, teaching, supporting, leading, and speaking up as needed.

4. The ability to balance best scientific evidence with the needs and values of individuals to deliver responsive, holistic care.

5. The ability to identify and manage the complexity of factors that may influence patient care, and to respond flexibly to a changing medical environment.

6. The ability to work creatively and enthusiastically, to innovate and to change things for the better.

7. The ability to be patient, to learn from mistakes, and to be humble yet resilient in the face of the uncertainties of medical work, seeking support where needed.

Staff values

Our staff commit to the following for our students:

1. We will be innovative, energetic, and strive for excellence in our teaching, resources and assessment.

2. We will be respectful and inclusive, we will celebrate your successes.

3. We will be kind to you, including in times of stress.

4. We will be open and approachable.

5. We will make our processes fair and transparent.

6. We will work with you to make Warwick Medical School a great place to study.