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Support And Guidance

Support and guidance

Throughout your studies at WMS you will have access to a great deal of support and guidance. Familiarity with the learning environment and assessment methods allows personal tutors and clinical educational supervisors to provide guidance and support to help prepare for the challenges of life as a junior doctor and into speciality training.

From the beginning of the course you will have a personal tutor (who can offer both academic and pastoral care), the WMS staff (some of whom you will have met during the Open Day and admissions process), your small learning group and peer support from the later years.

As you move into the clinical-based years you will meet regularly with a clinical educational supervisor with whom you will review your progress and who will help you set your learning targets.

While out in the Trusts, you will be additionally supported by the Undergraduate and Speciality Co-ordinators, the consultants you are attached to, the Associate Clinical Directors and Speciality leads.

In addition you are able to access all the student support systems in place for a student at the University of Warwick which include: