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SEM Faculty Prizes: Winners Announced

The SEM Faculty is delighted to announce it's winners for 2024.

Tue 16 Jul 2024, 12:27

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DCS Summer BBQ

The Department of Computer Science celebrated the end of the academic year with a staff BBQ, along with some games of rounders and a tug of war.

Thank you everyone for your hard work this year!

Thu 18 Jul 2024, 16:00 | Tags: Highlight

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Undergraduate of the year award with AON

The Warwick Statistics Department are very proud that one of our students, Oliver Crook, has won the Future Actuary Undergraduate of the Year Award with AON.

Wed 15 May 2024, 12:10 | Tags: Prizes and Awards

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Summer Science Exhibition hosts DUNE experiment stall

Maria Brigida Brunetti and Andy Chappell (Postdoctoral Research Assistants) in the Elementary Particle Physics (EPP) group have been part of the organising committee for the 2024 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

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New fellowships announced in UK-Japan partnership to tackle antimicrobial resistance

Two infectious disease experts have been selected to be Policy Fellows as part of a Japan-UK collaboration led by Professor Chris Dowson to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR is a major threat to global health, with overuse of drugs, including antibiotics, leading to so-called ‘superbugs’ that have become more resistant to medicine.
Press Release (9 July 2024).

Tue 16 Jul 2024, 14:15 | Tags: Press Release Microbiology & Infectious Disease

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Skills England: Expert comment from Dr Ben Silverstone

Expert comment from Dr Ben Silverstone, Associate Professor, Workforce Transformation Strategy and Policy at WMG, University of Warwick 

Picture of Dr Ben SilverstoneWMG welcomes the establishment of Skills England as a body to simplify and accelerate the skills system in the UK.  As our economy is transformed, over the coming decades, the relationship between industry, education and government is critical in ensuring that the immediate needs of industry are met. Hand in hand with this, the further devolution of skills budgets to local areas will be essential in ensuring that place specific provision can be brought to bear, in a funded capacity, where businesses require support to meet local needs as part of a regional and national strategy.

Investment in the further education system is much needed, and represents a critical, and widespread, recognition of the role that it plays in supporting businesses. The commitment to supporting young people is vital, but this does not go far enough.

There is also a huge number of employees in the workforce in need of re skilling and upskilling - it is critical that the role of further education is not diminished in this capacity.  We call upon the Government to make colleges bastions of industrial capability through skilling the existing workforce.

Finally, the Apprenticeship Levy is in desperate need of change. We welcome commitments to expand its use. Enabling businesses to spend their levy contributions on impactful training, alongside high-quality apprenticeships, will increase investment in the workforce and prevent valuable funding from disappearing from the skills landscape where it goes unspent. We urge the Government to go further, and to allow levy paying organisations to transfer up to 100% of their unspent levy into their supply chain to support an integrated approach to capability development, helping to anchor industry in the UK.

Thu 18 Jul 2024, 11:29 | Tags: WMG Comments Our People Skills

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European Mathematical Society Prize for Richard Montgomery

Dr Richard Montgomery has been awarded a prestigious prize from the European Mathematical Society.

Mon 15 Jul 2024, 19:02 | Tags: Prize Staff

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New paper about the force generating mechanism of kinesin molecular motors

Sumiyoshi et al. is a collaboration addressing a question Robert Cross and Jun Yajima first asked themselves almost 20 years ago – would monomeric kinesin molecular motors tethered via surface loops still drive microtubule gliding? It turns out yes! Scanning a dsDNA tether across all exposed loops reveals a core mechanical cycle of the kinesin-1 motor domain that underlies, and is amplified by, linker docking.

Read the paper here.

Fri 19 Jul 2024, 10:49 | Tags: BMS BMS_newpub

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