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Best Paper Award and 5 papers at the 50th ICALP conference


Henry Sinclair-BanksHenry Sinclair-Banks, a PhD student in the the Theory and Foundations (FoCS) Research Group and the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP), has won a Best Paper Award at ICALP 2023, the 50th EATCS International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming. ICALP is the main conference and annual meeting of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS).

Henry's paper, co-authored with researchers from Germany and Poland: Marvin Künnemann, Filip Mazowiecki, Lia Schütze, and Karol Węgrzycki, addresses the coverability problem in vector addition systems (VASS), a well-known model of concurrent systems. Coverability is an algorithmic problem for the verification of "safety properties": whether the system always avoids a set of bad states. Henry and his co-authors determine how much time is required to solve this problem in the worst case. They develop an algorithm that improves upon the state of the art that has stood for forty years. They also prove that, in several settings, it is impossible to decide coverability substantially faster, unless there is also a faster algorithm for a classic problem such as Boolean satisfiability (SAT) and finding cycles of fixed length in graphs.

In total, 5 Warwick papers will appear at this year's ICALP:

This July's ICALP will be the 50th edition of the conference.

Fri 02 Jun 2023, 14:11 | Tags: Research Theory and Foundations

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Funding awarded from Science and Technology Facilities Council

Congratulations to Dr Karolos Potamianos who has been awarded £287,845 from Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) for a research project titled 'Expanding the timing frontier: precision timing for particle tracking and identification.'

The funding will permit the procurement of a 12 GHz signal generator, a fast oscilloscope (<8ps per sample), and a logic analyser. These will enable the proper characterisation of ultra-fast silicon detectors and associated readout at realistic operating conditions, in particular enabling precise measurements of their (ultra-fast) response signals.

The research will be led by Dr Karolos Potamianos. He said,

"The use of fast silicon in collider detectors offers many new opportunities, as high-precision timing information enables distinguish between collisions occurring very close in space but well-separated in time. This will greatly help mitigate the effect of overlapping proton-proton interactions (pileup) at the High-Luminosity LHC. It is thus essential that we can properly characterise these detectors, which the procured equipment will enable. However, challenges such as ensuring proper operation of the detectors in a tough radiation environment and that sufficient bandwidth is available to transfer data out of the detector remain to make these detectors a reality at the LHC.”

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Scientists reveal why sprouts taste better as you get older… and why your grandparents were right all along

Researchers from Warwick Crop Centre are sharing food for thought about the humble sprout this Christmas and tell us:

• Why having a gene mutation makes sprouts taste horrid

• Why sprouts taste better after frost

• Why they make us gassy

Press release (15 December 2022)

Thu 15 Dec 2022, 13:46 | Tags: Press Release Research Plant & Agricultural Bioscience

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New Director of Business Development appointed at WMG

Picture of Dyrr ArdashDyrr Ardash has been appointed as the new Director of Business Development for WMG, at the University of Warwick.

Dyrr will engage with education and research communities focusing on growing services to industry. He will lead business development across WMG, within professional education programmes and across all research areas - whether it be collaborative or industry funded opportunities. He will be engaging with a variety of customers from SMEs to large multi-nationals, within the UK and across the globe.

Dyrr is an automotive engineering graduate with more than 25 years’ experience in mobility and transportation, and a breadth of technical, commercial and strategic experience.

He started his career in powertrain development at Ford Motor Company, before joining DENSO where he developed electronic powertrain control and fuel systems for several European manufacturers. Dyrr held both Chief Engineer and senior commercial roles at Ricardo before joining WAE.

He has delivered projects globally in a variety of technical areas across products, from two-wheel mobility solutions, passenger cars, through to construction equipment and marine applications. At WAE he was responsible for strategic partnerships, collaborating closely with industry and academia, in addition to leading several de-carbonisation initiatives.

Dyrr explains: "I have long admired the impact that WMG has had on UK industry and its reach across the world. WMG capability is very relevant for the needs of today, but also the transformation of industry to one that will meet the sustainability requirements of mobility, transportation and beyond. I am very excited to be able to work with our current and potential partners to meet their sustainability goals and have a lasting impact on the world we live in.”

Professor David Greenwood, the CEO of the WMG centre High Value Manufacturing Catapult and Director for Industrial Engagement at WMG, University of Warwick, comments: “Dyrr joins WMG at an exciting time, as our primary research areas of electrification; sustainable materials; sustainable manufacturing; and sustainable transport are at the top of the agenda for government and much of industry.

“We look forward to broadening the impact of our research by working with an increasing number and type of businesses to deliver innovation into a wide range of market sectors.”

Find out more about the High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres here:

To contact Dyrr about working with WMG, please email:

You can also connect with Dyrr on LinkedIn

Wed 17 May 2023, 10:29 | Tags: HVM Catapult Education Research Our People

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Professor Andrew McAinsh granted £2.5M Wellcome Discovery Award

Congratulations to Professor Andrew McAinsh, Pro Dean for Research at WMS, who has just been awarded a Wellcome Discovery Award and Research Grant of over £2.5M. The research programme ‘Kinetochore self-correction mechanisms underlying faithful chromosome segregation in humans’ will run for eight years. Read the full news item here.

Tue 14 Mar 2023, 11:18 | Tags: news BMS Research Wellcome

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Congratulations to Hannah Colley, Millie Haslam and Gabriella Bishop who have produced the winning video in the Sleep and Health third year undergraduate module.

In the Sleep and Health (PS362) third year undergraduate module this year, groups of students were asked to produce a three-minute educational video explaining the fancy science behind a sleep-related topic to the general public.

The following group has the winning entry:

by Hannah Colley, Millie Haslam and Gabriella Bishop
Very well done. Congratulations!
Tue 23 May 2023, 13:11 | Tags: research, student