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Software development with C++

Convenors: Mark Slater (Birmingham), Thomas Latham (Warwick)

Demonstrators: Luke Kreczko and Tai Sakuma (Bristol)

Academic Year: 2018-19

Start Date: 05/10/2018

Module Code: Cpp

Module Name: Software development with C++

Duration (Hours): 6 (per session)

Duration (Weeks): 6 weeks, 1 day/week

Module Details: The course is run as 6 full-day hands-on sessions (dates for this year: 05/10/18, 12/10/18, 02/11/18, 09/11/18, 23/11/18, 30/11/18). Due to the hands-on nature, the workshop sessions must be attended in person, either in Birmingham or Bristol. The course serves not only as an introduction to the C++ programming language but also provides a grounding in good code development practice, including version control, build systems, testing and documentation. During the course, the development of a number of classical cipher methods is used as the framework to put these various techniques into practice. Reviews of your code will be performed after each session, as well as 'ideal' solutions being posted for reference.