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Deep Inelastic Scattering

Module convenor: Paul Newman (Birmingham)

Module code: DIS

Start Date and Commitment:

Starts:7/11/2022 - 10 lectures on Mon 11-12, Tue 11-12

Module aims

To provide an introduction to deep inelastic lepton scattering, and to selected other parton-level processes.

Lecture Notes

You can find the lecture notes online at

Learning objectives

Basic ideas of deep inlastic scattering: Bjorken scaling, Callan-Gross relation; sum rules;

Comparison of charged lepton and neutrino deep-inelastic scattering. Parity violation;

QCD corrections.

The Drell-Yan Process. Comparison with Double Pomeron Exchange.

Jet production and fragmentation. Direct Photon Production.

Anomalies. "EMC" nuclear effect and spin structure of the nucleon.

Introduction to String model of fragmentation. Artru-Menessier model and the Lund Model.

Syllabus in more detail:

Definition of kinematic variables, pointlike fermion-fermion scattering, Rosenbluth formula and elastic electron-proton scattering, structure functions and deep inelastic scattering, Bjorken scaling, Callan-Gross relation, interpretation of structure functions in terms of parton pdfs, limits on allowed values of pdfs, weak interaction, deep inelastic neutrino scattering, Gross-Llewelyn Smith sum rule, Gottfried sum rule, momentum sum rule, gluons, QCD effects, DGLAP equations, Drell-Yan scattering, Double Pomeron Exchange, characteristic DY angular distribution, quark-quark scattering and jet production, fragmentation functions, direct photon production, nuclear effects, shadowing and the “EMC effect”, spin structure functions, the “spin crisis”, the Ellis-Jaffé and Bjorken sum rules, the Atru-Menessier string model, the Lund model.