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QED and the Standard Model

Convenor: Konstantinos A. Petridis (Bristol)

Module Code: SM

Duration (Hours): 10 hourly sessions

Start Date and Commitments

Start:14/11/2023 - 10 lectures on Tues 12-13, Thu 12-13

Course Material

Module Details: These lectures are designed to give an introduction to the gauge theories of the standard model of particle physics. No formal quantum field theory is assumed so there are times when rigour will be lacking. In the limited time available, the goal will be to understand the underlying physics of fermions and their interactions via strong, electromagnetic and weak interactions. Lectures will cover topics including:

- Link between symmetries and conservation laws

- Fields and symmetry transformations, Noether's Theorem

- Abelian Local Gauge invariance and the QED Lagrangian

- Non-Abelian Local Gauge invariance and QCD Lagrangian

- Chiral Fermions

- Weak interactions and Electroweak theory

- Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and the Higgs Boson

- Quark couplings and the CKM matrix

- Neutrinos and their mass