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Journal Club Weeks 6 to 10

You can download the entire set of resources for weeks 6 to 10 as a zipped folder.

The zipped folder contains:

  • blank Cornell notes templates for each week (as Word and PDF documents)
  • completed Cornell notes answers (as Word and PDF documents)

The zipped folder does not contain answers to summary questions, but the best student examples can be seen in the answer links below.

Week Six: D. J. Knipp et al., The May 1967 great storm and radio disruption event: Extreme space weather and extraordinary responses.

Week six answers

Week Seven: H. Rohrer and G. Binnig, In touch with atoms

Week seven answers

Week Eight: John A. Johnson, Warm planets orbiting cool stars.

Week eight answers

Week Nine: Dmitri Krioukov, The proof of innocence.

Week nine answers

Week Ten: Sophia Chen (2019), Synchronized Swimming Under The Microscope

Week ten answers