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Visit Requirements

The below requirements for the dome must be met in order to run a visit.
Please ensure that you fulfill these criteria before contacting us.
  • We are able to organise visits to locations within approximately a 45 minute drive of the University of Warwick Campus (University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL). It will take longer to drive to you in rush hour traffic, so please account for this if you are expecting a morning or evening visit.
    If you are further away than this, we will turn down the visit unless there are special circumstances.

  • We need to be able to park our van close to the venue to unload/load our heavy and cumbersome equipment and the beginning/end of the session. We also require somewhere to park the van for the duration of the stay.

  • We require a large room to host the dome: at least 8 x 8m floor space, and a ceiling of at least 3.5m. The room must have accessible power sockets.

  • Setting up and taking down the dome isn't quick! We ask to have 1 hour to set up and sort out teething troubles, then 30 minutes to pack away at the end of the day. Due to this, we cannot pack and then reassemble the dome during a visit, so we need the room for the duration.

  • Our show times are listed on the Our Shows page. On top of this, we ask that you add an extra 10-15 minutes onto each show time for a brief Health and Safety talk, entering and exiting the dome, and hopefully some enthusiastic questions!

  • Due to the size and turnover of our volunteer pool, we do not have DBS checks for these visits. We require that a teacher or responsible adult is with the children at all times.

  • The volunteers we send with the Planetarium are not paid for their work - they do this out of their love for astronomy and inspiring the next generation. Additionally, the visits come at no charge to your school/organisation, due to the generosity of the Physics department. As such, we ask that you please look after our volunteers, and ensure they are fed and watered.

  • We will ask you to complete and sign a copy of our Terms of Service document and return it to our admin team before the visit can take place. This is to ensure that all of the requirements for the Planetarium to operate are met.

We also have a Standard Risk Assessment for the Planetarium:

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