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Primary Science Fair

Every year the physics department welcomes roughly 100 primary school children from age 4 to 11 for the Ogden Primary Science Fair.


This year, eight Coventry and Warwickshire schools took part in the Science fair receiving over 1600 entries in total. After school level heats, the finalists came to the university to be judged by physics postgraduates and undergraduates.

The winning projects included:

  • "Where should I keep my balloon?" - A year 1 student who measured it's size in different temperature locations.
  • "Pigs in Space" - A year 5 student's project which included using sausages as substitutions for pigs and subjecting them to different environments that they would encounter, such as using a blowtorch to simulate re-entry into the earth's atmosphere.
  • A cosmic ray detector - A year 6 student knew how cosmic rays were produced, how different charges would curve differently in the earth's magnetic field and that the decreasing curvature of the track means the particle is slowing down and therefore losing energy.

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