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Competition details for researchers

The call for entries from researchers is now closed. Thank You for all the excellent submissions.


Six cash prizes of £200, donated by our generous sponsors (including Jeol, Gatan, Asylum Research, Veeco, and others), have now been awarded. The winning images, runners up and a selection of other entries can be seen in the Gallery and on our Facebook Page.


The competition is open to any researcher (undergraduate project student, PhD student, PDRA, research officer, technician, academic etc.) working at the Universities of Birmingham or Warwick whose research can in some way be related to the Science City Research Alliance's (SCiRA) themes of translational medicine, advanced materials, and/or energy futures. It is also open to any company involved in the SCiRA.

The images or snapshots could be photographs, graphical depictions of results of simulations or experiments, micrographs or even pages from notebooks. They could be of research results or the process of research. The images should be visually striking with 'artistic merit' independent of their scientific interest, however the "story behind the picture", the technical expertise and scientific merit will also be taken into consideration.

The picture quality of the images will also be a factor as they will displayed in virtual and real galleries, so please do not compress them too much. Ideal file sizes should be 1-10MB, excessively large files may not make it through the online submission form. If you have larger files available please let us know on the form. All common image types such as jpeg, bmp, tif, pdf etc. are acceptable.

Multiple image submissions per researcher are encouraged, please let us decide which your 'best' image is!

The images should be submitted via the online form.

The winning images will be shown on the website, exhibited in displays at the ThinkTank in Birmingham and at  the University of Warwick, distributed to schools in the form of posters, and become part of a calendar for 2011. In all cases the source of the images will be ackowledged. The winning researchers will also be interviewed for podcasts to be put on the ScienceSnaps website. We will include a larger range of the submitted images on the website, so even if you don't win you stand a strong chance of your images being put on display.

In view of this wide distribution it is important that before submitting the image you check with all other researchers involved that permission can be granted to the ScienceSnaps team to publish and distribute the images as they see fit.

For ideas of the kind of images that we are envisaging please have a look at the scientific art competitions listed in the links section, however, we encourage you to surprise us!

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