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Nathan Barrow


shiny surface science


What got you interested in this area of science?

I am interested in physics because it has direct application to the problems the world currently faces and allows for creativity, innovation and precision all at once.

How is the work you are currently doing relevant to everyday life?

My work involves looking at the atomic and electronic structure of many technologically relevant advanced materials. Ultimately, the improvements made or discovered at this fundamental level will be passed on to the commercial world. Famous examples of applied physics are silicon transistors, lasers and LEDs.  

What does your research hope to achieve?

 My research hopes to contribute to the sum of human knowledge about the world we live in. Through the advancement of novel materials I also hope my research will make our world a cleaner, happier and more efficient place.

What does the image show?

The ultrahigh vacuum chamber has less particles floating around inside than deep space! A sample is inserted and electrons fired at it. The resulting electrons and x-rays that come off the sample tell us about the surface of the material, which we can then relate to other physical properties we are trying to improve.

Nathan Barrow 

Nathan Barrow