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The images of scientific research are in, and we hope that you agree that they are striking. You can find out more about some of the images by clicking on their name on the gallery page, looking on the find out more page, or asking us. If you are a teacher who would like some ideas on how these images could be used please check our suggestions page or get in touch with our specialised teacher fellows (who are experienced teachers themselves). Now we'd like schools to send in their own snapshots in response.



(Reciprocal) Space The Snapshots of Science competition is not only for researchers, we'd also like to give prizes out to some schools. This part of the competition is for Year 6 pupils. We are sending out information packs in September to local schools; these will include copies of the winning pictures along with information about them and the researchers who took them. We'd like you to send us your responses to these images - further information on what we mean by this can be found on the how to enter, rules and suggestions pages, also if you have any questions please join our Facebook page. The deadline for entries is now the 17th of December. If you haven't received an information pack and would like one please let us know!



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  • The first 10 schools to enter will get a £50 Amazon voucher each.
  • The winning six images will get a digital microscope each, along with a free (voluntary) workshop for the teachers at Warwick.
  • The class judged to be the overall winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to a show at the Warwick Arts Centre. 
  • Every school that enters will receive a 2011 ScienceSnaps calendar which will feature the six winning research entries and the six winning schools entries. 


How to enter 

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  • Create your own 'snapshot' with your whole Year 6 Class, showing what these images mean to the children.
  • Take a photo of it, or create a digital copy of your snapshot in another way.
  • Keep your original snapshot safe in case you are a winner!
  • Enter by completing the online form (preferred), or by emailing us your snapshot.

For more information and ideas on the kinds of entries we envisage please check out the rules, how to enter and suggestions pages.


If you'd like to know more please contact us. We want to support the teaching and learning of science in whatever way we can, and so would be happy to arrange visits to the univerisities to see the research and researchers. In some instances the pupils can get hands on with the equipment that was used to make the images. Two of the members of the ScienceSnaps team, Nick Barker and Ally Caldecote, are experienced teachers who now have jobs at Warwick University to support science and the teaching of science in the local area. If you would like them to come and see you and your class please let us know (Nick and Ally work with school children of all ages from Year 0 through to Year 13!). There contact details can be found here.
You can also join our Facebook page!

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