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How to enter

How to enter

  1. Share / discuss / study / use / enjoy the snapshots in or with your class.
  2. Create your own 'snapshot' as a class (see below for more details).
  3. If it is not a digital image already take a photo of it.
  4. Send it to us via the online form (preferred option), or by email, by the 17th of December.
  5. Keep your original 'snapshot' safe - if you win we would like to display it!

The process

We are sending out information packs that will contain details about the competition along with 5 copies of each of the 6 winning snapshots, featuring photos of the researchers that took them and more information about the images. We hope that you will use these and that they may inspire you to make your own snapshot! You can have a look at our 'suggestions' page for some ideas on how to use the images in class and some ideas on how you might make your own snapshots, however, it would be great if you could surprise us! If your school does not get sent an information pack please contact us and we will try to send you one. Once you have made your own snapshot send it to us (see above) by the 8th of November. We will judge the entries and hand out prizes before the end of the Christmas term. A calendar featuring the winning snapshots - both schools' and researchers' - will be sent out to all the schools who entered.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a single creative response from each class reflecting what these images mean to them. We will be judging it as an image or picture so it must be stationary (i.e. not a video or animation). There are a few rules or guidelines (see the rules page) but we will welcome all contributions. Your snapshot could be drawings, paintings, photos, creative writing, your own science experiments, a collage of some or all of the above or something that we totally didn't expect. Most important is that you enjoy doing it. Your snapshot does not need to be a reflection of the science in the images, it could be inspired by their aesthetics instead. We hope that you will see that researchers are 'normal', and that some amazing worthwhile research goes on in Birmingham and Coventry. But we are not intending this to be a 'science' only activity.

Who is the competition open to?

The competition is for Year 6 classes, and is primarily aimed at those in the Coventry and Birmingham areas. If you are from elsewhere in the country please feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to have a look at your 'snapshots'. As with the researchers entries, we will be putting as many as we can of the schools entries on the web.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

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