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Open Days

Open days are organised across the university and if you are interested in attending one then please see Open Day Information for more general information and future dates. If you have already received an offer and have been invited to an admissions Open Day, then please look on the Departmental 'Prospective Students' website for further information and the reply form.


Open Days are an excellent opportunity for prospective students to come and find out about studying Physics at university, studying Physics at Warwick, and studying at Warwick University. There will be members of the academic staff, research staff, clerical staff, postgraduate students and current Physics undergraduates who are all happy to have a chat with you, and to try to answer any questions you may have. There are also three activities you can take part in:

  • Demonstrations

We have practical demonstrations of physics by current staff and students, highlighting some of the active research areas within the department such as particle physics, astrophysics, plasma physics, and low-temperature physics. You can also learn about the research done by our current undergraduates by reading the posters displayed.

  • Talks (approx. 30 minutes, in the Physics Lecture Theatre)

A general talk on why people study physics at university is given at regular intervals throughout the day. In addition a talk is given by an expert on their chosen research field at a level appropriate for both prospective students and parents. Booking for this via the university Open Day website is preferred.

  • Tours (30 minutes)

Short tours of the department are offered at regular intervals during the day. These are an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you may have in a less formal setting, whilst seeing the recently refurbished teaching laboratories and one of the research groups. Tickets for the tours are available from the front desk at the Physics department. The tours are timed to leave at the end of a talk (i.e. it is best to go to a talk and then the tour) and leave from the Science Concourse outside the Physics Lecture Theatre.

The Open Days are expected to finish at around 3pm.

It is advisable to register your intent to attend via the university Open Day website.

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