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Time Allocation January - June 2019

Project no. Applicant Project Title
190111 Ashbrook, Sharon High-Field Solid-State NMR of Quadrupolar Nuclei in Zeolites
190112 Ashbrook, Sharon High-Field Solid-State 17O NMR Study of Metal-Organic Frameworks
190114 Blanc, Frédéric Heteronuclear correlation for the determination of xylene isomer location within a guest-induced restructured pillarene supramolecular network
190115 Brown, Steven Intermolecular Interactions of Curcumin, Paclitaxel and Efavirenz in Polymer-Drug Micelles
190116 Brown, Steven Characterising solid-state forms of safinamide at 850 MHz
190117 Carravetta Marina Investigation of the local environment of 25Mg for solid state acid catalysis
190118 Duer, J, Melinda 2H Static NMR Spectroscopy of Collagen in Diseased Extracellular Matrix
190119 Dupree, Paul 2D and 3D 13C NMR studies of whole plant stems
190120 Dupree, Ray Developing 1H detected > 100 kHz MAS for Characterising Structure and Dynamics of Intact Plant Cell Walls
190121 Finch, Adrian High-Field 11B NMR Investigation of Boron Speciation in Corals
190122 Griffin, John Solid-State NMR Investigation of Crystal Chemistry in Materials for Organic Electronics
190123 Harris, Kenneth CLASSIC NMR Studies of the Crystallization Pathway to a New Hydrate Phase of Calcium Carbonate
190124 Harris, Kenneth In Situ NMR Studies of the Crystallization and Solid-State Phase Behaviour of Rotator-Phase Solids
190125 Helariutta, Yryo 2D 13C NMR studies of engineered poplar hardwood
190126 Khimyak, Yaroslav Probing interfaces by saturation transfer difference NMR in the solid state
190127 Khimyak, Yaroslav Hydration studies on blends of hydrophobized nanocrystalline cellulose with soluble starch as a tool for mapping binding hotspots
190128 Khimyak, Yaroslav Structural Characterisation of Starch Hydrogels
190129 Law, Rob 17-O NMR Studies of Cholesterol in Bilayers
190130 Lewandowski, Józef Protein interactions regulating bacterial cell division: integrating structure and function (continuation project)
190131 Morris, Russell High-Field Solid-State 17O NMR Study of Intermediates in the ”ADORable” Hydrolysis of UTL
190132 Murray, Claire The effect of amino acids on the structure and crystallisation of calcium carbonate
190133 Smith, E, Mark Calcium phosphate/pyrophosphates-based glasses: new structural insight into disordered calcium materials combining multinuclear solid-state NMR and first principles calculations
190134 Smith, E, Mark High-Field Solid-State 25Mg and 47,49Ti NMR of Layered Double Hydroxides
190135 Taylor, Ian Solid-State NMR studies of HIV-1 capsid tubular assembly-inhibitor complexes (continuation of the previous application)
190136 Williamson, Philip Unravelling the role of S100A9 in neurodegenerative disease