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  • 850 MHz

Spectroscopy Europe (Vol. 28, No. 6, December 2016/ January 2017): pp. 22-23, Tony Davies column: What is the collective noun for solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers?

BBC Midlands Today report (July 14th 2016)

Award of new contract funding (2015): University of Warwick press release (April 2015)

Ordering of a 1 mm MAS probe from Jeol: see press releases (November 2011) University of Warwick

Visit by President of Jeol Resonance, July 2012

BBC Midlands Today report (April 13th 2011)

  • Opening Symposium

University of Warwick press release (28th October 2010)

The engineer (3rd November 2010)


picture1.jpg p1180108.jpg
January 20th 2010: Steven Brown with Norbert Forger
(right) and Gregor Schmidt (centre) from Bruker
Germany who built and installed the probes
for the 850 MHz system
February 3rd 2010: Dinu Iuga and Steven Brown
welcome the first visitors, John Griffin and Martin
Mitchell from Sharon Ashbrook's group in
St Andrews, to the facility


Letter to Chemistry World (published August 2008, p.37) full text of original letter

University of Warwick (26th October 2007)

University of Glasgow (30th October 2007)

University of St Andrews (31st October 2007)

SpectroscopyNow (31st October 2007)