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UK High-Field Solid-State NMR Facility Research Data Management Policy


“Facility” means the UK High-Field Solid-State NMR Facility.

“User” means the Principal Investigator allocated use of the Facility for a particular time period for the purpose of recording Data and nominated associated researchers.

“Data” means all time-domain NMR data, NMR spectra and associated metadata including pulse programs, parameter sets and instrument logs recorded by the User at the Facility using the Bruker 850 MHz and 1 GHz solid-state NMR spectrometers and associated Bruker Topspin software.


1. Data Security

a. Data will be stored and archived in a secure manner in a repository managed and maintained by the Local Management Team.

b. Data can be accessed by the User using a password provided by the Local Management Team.

c. Privileged access to research data is granted to the User for a period of 18 months after the date of acquisition.

2. Data Sharing

a. On expiry of the privileged access period Data may be requested by a third party, except where data is subject to a confidentiality agreement between the University of Warwick and a third party.

b. To request data, a party should contact the Facility Management Team, who will provide the requested data sets if the request complies with this policy.

c. During the privileged access period the Facility Management Team may make parameter sets and pulse programs generated by Users available to the Facility user community in order to expedite the operation of the Facility. The User may request an embargo on a pulse program for a novel experiment which is the subject of a forthcoming publication.

3. Data Retention

a. The University of Warwick, via the Facility, will make reasonable efforts to retain in a secure manner all Data for a period of ten years from the expiry of the privileged access period or from the date of any publication arising from the Data, whichever is later, provided that any publication occurs no later than ten years after the expiry of the privileged access period.

b. In the event that the contract is not renewed in future, provision for data retention beyond the contract period will be by negotiation.

c. In the event of a transfer of the operation of an EPSRC-funded high-field solid-state NMR Facility to another supplier, and if requested by that new supplier, the new supplier will be given access to NMR datasets (i.e., the electronic files will be made available for download) recorded at the Facility by users – if a user does not wish this to occur, he/she must inform the Facility Management Team before datasets are recorded.

All queries relating to data should be addressed to the Facility Management Team.

Last Updated 12th August 2022.