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NRF Video Snap-Shots

  • Dr Frederic Blanc from Liverpool University provides the Oct 2020 Snap-Shot talk on tracking defects using MAS NMR. Link to: October 2020 Snap-Shot
  • Dr Frederic Blanc from Liverpool University provides the Jan 2021 Snap-Shot talk on oxygen-17 NMR using the Bruker 850 MHz facility. Link to: January 2021 Snap-Shot
  • Dr Valerie Seymour from the Department of Chemistry at Lancaster University gives the first Feb 2021 Snap-Shot talk on the use of the NMR facility to study magnesium acetate. Link to February 2021 Snap-Shot video
  • Dr Valerie Seymour from the Department of Chemistry at Lancaster University discusses the use of the NMR facility to gain structural insight from 27Al. Link to: February 2021 Snap-Shot Video 2
  • Prof. Ann-Christin Pöppler from the University of Würzburg gives the March 2021 Snap-Shot talk on 14N–1H HMQC solid-state NMR as a powerful tool to study amorphous formulations – an exemplary study of paclitaxel loaded polymer micelles. Link to: March 2021 Snap-Shot

Guidance for submitting an 'NRF Snap-Shot' video

Snapshot videos are a great way to share insight into what happens at the NRF and a real opportunity to focus on papers with data performed at the facility. The snapshots can be posted on this site as well as the new NRF Twitter account.

Recording video is something that we are all becoming more efficient at, this short guide offers some tips for when you submit any NRF Snap-Shot videos to be posted on line.

  • Please make sure you include subtitles on your video. UK Legislation now dictates that video and audio content published on this NRF website must be made accessible. This is done through the provision of things such as captions, transcripts and audio descriptions of visual content. Captions of audio content, including what is said, who is speaking and non-speech information conveyed through sound. It is also good practice to provide a separate transcript. If you are only showing slides and have a voice over please don’t worry about an audio description.
  • If you do know how to create a subtitle transcript file to accompany your video please make sure you save it as .vtt / .srt or .sbv file and submit it along with the Snap-Shot video. It may be that you can embed your subtitles visually into your video, this is entirely up to you. If in doubt of if you need any help please send a message to who can advise you.
  • Please do attached this Snap-Shot title page at the very start of your NRF Snap-Shot, please add in all the relevant information about your Snap-Shot.
  • Please make sure that you gain permission from any third parties or publications who may have any rights over the re publication of any elements in your NRF Snap-Shot, e.g., for images and for music.
  • Please submit your NRF Snap-Shot to