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Former Members

Graduates (1998 onwards)

Thesis information is available via the British Library Electronic Theses Online Service.

Adam Carver, Ph.D. - (2022)

Ben Griffith, Ph.D. - (2022)

Koorosh Fatemian, Ph.D. - (2021)

Kristian Barnsley, Ph.D. - (2020)

Sarah Mann, Ph.D. - (2020)

Emily Corlett, Ph.D. - (2020)

Anjali Menakath, Ph.D. - (2019)

Alma Svatos, Ph.D. - (2019)

Kiran Jandu, MSc. - (2019)

Azzedine Dabo, Ph.D.— (2018)

Tom Hooper, Ph.D.— (2018)

Josh Clark, Ph.D.— (2018)

Maria Vlachou, Ph.D.—17O solid state NMR study of ceria systems (2017)

Carl Öster, Ph.D. — Investigating interactions using solid-state NMR: applications to biomolecular complexes (2017)

Miri Zilka, Ph.D.— Integrating Calculation and Experiment: Developing Processes and Tools for NMR Crystallography of Organic Solids (2017)

Richard Gibson, Ph.D.

Daniel Griffiths, Ph.D.

Aiden Robertson, Ph.D.

Frederik Romer, Ph.D.

Stephen Day, Ph.D. - Approaches to ab-initio GIPAW-DFT calculations of NMR parameters in disordered materials (2015)

Jonathan Lamley, Ph.D. - Methods for the Determination of the Structures and Dynamics of Proteins by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy (2015)

Jo Higgs, Ph.D.

Robert Kelly, Ph.D. — (2014)

Scott King, Ph.D. — (2014)

Amar Dhokia, MSc. — (2013)

Evelyn Toalster, MSc. — (2013)

James MacDonald, Ph.D. — Multinuclear Solid State NMR Studies of α-Tricalcium Phosphate and Silicon Substituted α-Tricalcium Phosphate (2013)

Thomas Tam, Ph.D. — Overhauser Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation Studies in Solution-State at 3.4T (2013)

Vivien Yeh, M.Sc. — (2013)

Hasan Alkassem, MSc — (2012)

Andrew Tatton, Ph.D. — Development of solid-state NMR techniques for the characterisation of pharmaceutical compounds (2012)

Gregory Rees, Ph.D. — Development of solid state NMR to understand materials involved in catalytic technology used in fuel cells (2012)

Claudia Ionescu, Ph.D. — Multinuclear Solid State NMR of Novel Bioactive Glass and Nanocomposite Tissue Scaffolds (2011)

Jonathan Bradley, Ph.D. — Development and Application of High-Resolution Solid-State NMR Methods for Probing Polymorphism of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (2011)

Thomas Partridge, Ph.D. — Multinuclear NMR of Power Generation Related Materials (2011)

Simon Orr, Ph.D. — Multinuclear Solid-State NMR of Fuel Cell Materials (2010)

Nathan Barrow, Ph.D. — Homonuclear Correlation in Solid-State NMR: Developing Experiments for Half-Integer Quadrupolar Nuclei (2010) (PDF Document)

Amy Webber, Ph.D. — Probing Intermolecular Interactions and Three-dimensional Packing of Organic Molecules by Solid-State NMR (2010)

David Stobbs, Ph.D. — A Multi-Nuclear NMR Study of Titanate Ferroelectrics (2009)

Paul Guerry, Ph.D. — New Solid-State NMR Approaches to the Structural Characterisation of Phosphate Glasses (2008)

Richard Speight, Ph.D. — A Study Of Industrial Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts, Primarily By Means Of Zeroapplied Field Cobalt-59 Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy (2008)

Donna Carroll, Ph.D. — A Multi-analytical Investigation into Glass Dopant Incorporation (2008)

Tom Kemp, Ph.D. — Solid State NMR Studies of Inorganic Pigment Materials and Catalysts (2008)

John Griffin, Ph.D. — Probing Atomic-Level Structure in Hydrogen-bonded Systems by Solid-State NMR (2008)

Luke O'Dell, Ph.D. — A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigation of Zener Pinned Nanocrystalline Metal Oxides (2007)

Kieran Drake, Ph.D. — A multi-technique study of the structural evolution of selected silicate-based sol-gel materials (2006)

Laurence Barrett, Ph.D. — Investigation into industrially viable catalytic materials using solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (2006)

Prodipta "Bobby" Bhattacharya, Ph.D. — Solid State NMR Studies of Ferroelectric Relaxor Materials (2005)

Allan Baldwin, Ph.D. — An NMR investigation of electro-ceramic and non linear electro-optic crystals (2003)

Philips Gunawidjaja, Ph.D. — Solid state NMR structural studies of silicate-based xerogels (2003)

Nick Dajda, Ph.D. — A solid state nuclear magnetic resonance study of industrial inorganic pigments (2002)

Daniel Padro, Ph.D. — Solid state NMR study of quadrupolar nuclei at high magnetic fields (2002)

Graham W. Wallidge, Ph.D. — An advanced structural study of amorphous binary oxides of SiO2 with TiO2, ZrO2 and Ta2O5 (2001)

Erdem Yildirim, Ph.D. — O-17 NMR studies of some silicate crystals and glasses (2000)

Kevin Pike, Ph.D. — An NMR study of some low-dimensional magnetically correlated materials (1999)

Julian Bent, Ph.D. — An experimental study of some silicate based glasses (1999)

Rosli Hussin, Ph.D. — Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of some germanate and phosphate based glasses (1998)

Other Scientific Workers

Dr Patrick Szell (2019-2021)

Dr Sam Page (-2021)

Dr Simone Kosol (2015-2018)

Dr Gregory Rees (-2018)

Dr Sławomir Potocki (2015-2017)

Dr G. N. Manjunatha Reddy

Dr Ann-Christin Pöppler (2014-2016)

Dr Dmytro Dudenko (2012-2014)

Dr J. Emilio Jimenez-Roldan (2013)

Prof. Ago Samoson (-2013)

Dr Keisuke Maruyoshi (2011-2012)

Dr Kevin Pike (1995-2012)

Dr Hiroki Takahashi (2009–2011)

Dr Eugeny Kryukov (2008–2011)

Dr Johanna Becker-Baldus (2009–2010)

Professor Christian Bonhomme (2010)

Dr Tim BastowLink opens in a new window (2005)

Dr Lindsay Cahill (2008–2009)

Professor Steve Feller 2006)

Dr Jair FreitasLink opens in a new window (2006–2007)

Dr Christel Gervais

Dr Ying Guo (2006–2007)

Dr Ivan HungLink opens in a new window (2005–2008)

Dr Danielle Laurencin (2006–2008)

Dr Zonghi Lin (2002–2003)

Dr Rudi Michalak

Dr Toralf MildnerLink opens in a new window

Dr Kelly L. Moran

Dr Tran Pham (2004–2006)

Dr Iain Poplett

Dr Thomas Reimer

Dr Burkhard SchmidtLink opens in a new window

Dr Alan WongLink opens in a new window (2005–2008)

Marie Curie Students (FP5 2002–2006)

Sergei Certoks

Kirsten Christensen

Irina Gresoiu

Claudia Ionescu

Leonard O'Mahoney

Daniela RusanovaLink opens in a new window

Oana Zainea

Visiting PhD students

Tina Yi-Ling Tsai