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Former Members

Graduates (1998 onwards)

Thesis information is available via the British Library Electronic Theses Online Service.

Kristian Barnsley, Ph.D. - (2020)

Sarah Mann, Ph.D. - (2020)

Emily Corlett, Ph.D. - (2020)

Anjali Menakath, Ph.D. - (2019)

Alma Svatos, Ph.D. - (2019)

Kiran Jandu, MSc. - (2019)

Azzedine Dabo, Ph.D.— (2018)

Tom Hooper, Ph.D.— (2018)

Josh Clark, Ph.D.— (2018)

Maria Vlachou, Ph.D.—17O solid state NMR study of ceria systems (2017)

Carl Öster, Ph.D. — Investigating interactions using solid-state NMR: applications to biomolecular complexes (2017)

Miri Zilka, Ph.D.— Integrating Calculation and Experiment: Developing Processes and Tools for NMR Crystallography of Organic Solids (2017)

Richard Gibson, Ph.D.

Daniel Griffiths, Ph.D.

Aiden Robertson, Ph.D.

Frederik Romer, Ph.D.

Stephen Day, Ph.D. - Approaches to ab-initio GIPAW-DFT calculations of NMR parameters in disordered materials (2015)

Jonathan Lamley, Ph.D. - Methods for the Determination of the Structures and Dynamics of Proteins by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy (2015)

Jo Higgs, Ph.D.

Robert Kelly, Ph.D. — (2014)

Scott King, Ph.D. — (2014)

Amar Dhokia, MSc. — (2013)

Evelyn Toalster, MSc. — (2013)

James MacDonald, Ph.D. — Multinuclear Solid State NMR Studies of α-Tricalcium Phosphate and Silicon Substituted α-Tricalcium Phosphate (2013)

Thomas Tam, Ph.D. — Overhauser Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation Studies in Solution-State at 3.4T (2013)

Vivien Yeh, M.Sc. — (2013)

Hasan Alkassem, MSc — (2012)

Andrew Tatton, Ph.D. — Development of solid-state NMR techniques for the characterisation of pharmaceutical compounds (2012)

Gregory Rees, Ph.D. — Development of solid state NMR to understand materials involved in catalytic technology used in fuel cells (2012)

Claudia Ionescu, Ph.D. — Multinuclear Solid State NMR of Novel Bioactive Glass and Nanocomposite Tissue Scaffolds (2011)

Jonathan Bradley, Ph.D. — Development and Application of High-Resolution Solid-State NMR Methods for Probing Polymorphism of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (2011)

Thomas Partridge, Ph.D. — Multinuclear NMR of Power Generation Related Materials (2011)

Simon Orr, Ph.D. — Multinuclear Solid-State NMR of Fuel Cell Materials (2010)

Nathan Barrow, Ph.D. — Homonuclear Correlation in Solid-State NMR: Developing Experiments for Half-Integer Quadrupolar Nuclei (2010) (PDF Document)

Amy Webber, Ph.D. — Probing Intermolecular Interactions and Three-dimensional Packing of Organic Molecules by Solid-State NMR (2010)

David Stobbs, Ph.D. — A Multi-Nuclear NMR Study of Titanate Ferroelectrics (2009)

Paul Guerry, Ph.D. — New Solid-State NMR Approaches to the Structural Characterisation of Phosphate Glasses (2008)

Richard Speight, Ph.D. — A Study Of Industrial Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts, Primarily By Means Of Zeroapplied Field Cobalt-59 Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy (2008)

Donna Carroll, Ph.D. — A Multi-analytical Investigation into Glass Dopant Incorporation (2008)

Tom Kemp, Ph.D. — Solid State NMR Studies of Inorganic Pigment Materials and Catalysts (2008)

John Griffin, Ph.D. — Probing Atomic-Level Structure in Hydrogen-bonded Systems by Solid-State NMR (2008)

Luke O'Dell, Ph.D. — A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigation of Zener Pinned Nanocrystalline Metal Oxides (2007)

Kieran Drake, Ph.D. — A multi-technique study of the structural evolution of selected silicate-based sol-gel materials (2006)

Laurence Barrett, Ph.D. — Investigation into industrially viable catalytic materials using solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (2006)

Prodipta "Bobby" Bhattacharya, Ph.D. — Solid State NMR Studies of Ferroelectric Relaxor Materials (2005)

Allan Baldwin, Ph.D. — An NMR investigation of electro-ceramic and non linear electro-optic crystals (2003)

Philips Gunawidjaja, Ph.D. — Solid state NMR structural studies of silicate-based xerogels (2003)

Nick Dajda, Ph.D. — A solid state nuclear magnetic resonance study of industrial inorganic pigments (2002)

Daniel Padro, Ph.D. — Solid state NMR study of quadrupolar nuclei at high magnetic fields (2002)

Graham W. Wallidge, Ph.D. — An advanced structural study of amorphous binary oxides of SiO2 with TiO2, ZrO2 and Ta2O5 (2001)

Erdem Yildirim, Ph.D. — O-17 NMR studies of some silicate crystals and glasses (2000)

Kevin Pike, Ph.D. — An NMR study of some low-dimensional magnetically correlated materials (1999)

Julian Bent, Ph.D. — An experimental study of some silicate based glasses (1999)

Rosli Hussin, Ph.D. — Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of some germanate and phosphate based glasses (1998)

Other Scientific Workers

Dr Simone Kosol (2015-2018)

Dr Gregory Rees (-2018)

Dr Sławomir Potocki (2015-2017)

Dr G. N. Manjunatha Reddy

Dr Ann-Christin Pöppler (2014-2016)

Dr Dmytro Dudenko (2012-2014)

Dr J. Emilio Jimenez-Roldan (2013)

Prof. Ago Samoson (-2013)

Dr Keisuke Maruyoshi (2011-2012)

Dr Kevin Pike (1995-2012)

Dr Hiroki Takahashi (2009–2011)

Dr Eugeny Kryukov (2008–2011)

Dr Johanna Becker-Baldus (2009–2010)

Professor Christian Bonhomme (2010)

Dr Tim Bastow (2005)

Dr Lindsay Cahill (2008–2009)

Professor Steve Feller 2006)

Dr Jair Freitas (2006–2007)

Dr Christel Gervais

Dr Ying Guo (2006–2007)

Dr Ivan Hung (2005–2008)

Dr Danielle Laurencin (2006–2008)

Dr Zonghi Lin (2002–2003)

Dr Rudi Michalak

Dr Toralf Mildner

Dr Kelly L. Moran

Dr Tran Pham (2004–2006)

Dr Iain Poplett

Dr Thomas Reimer

Dr Burkhard Schmidt

Dr Alan Wong (2005–2008)

Marie Curie Students (FP5 2002–2006)

Sergei Certoks

Kirsten Christensen

Irina Gresoiu

Claudia Ionescu

Leonard O'Mahoney

Daniela Rusanova

Oana Zainea

Visiting PhD students

Tina Yi-Ling Tsai