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Final Report

Give an account of your project describing the main activities, milestones (with dates) and outcomes.
activity/milestone, date, outcome

Provide an analysis of changes made as the project progressed and lessons learned from the experience.
changes made, lessons learned

Give your views of the effectiveness of the project and the levels of satisfaction with it of:
yourself (NB)
the Chairman of the LMC (PA)
your Advisors (TH) -
your Advisors (JH) -
Stakeholder (MS)

Describe what additional resources would, in your opinion, need to be deployed in the future to achieve maximum benefit from your project.
additional resources

Give an analysis of your project reflecting on the balance achieved between cost and quality.
cost/quality balance

List what documents you have lodged with whom in connection with the closure of the project.
closure documents, who

Describe what you have done additionally to ensure that your host company will be able to take advantage of your project work after it closes.
additional closure work

Formal Training/Duration/What you learned
training course, duration, project management etc.