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Publications in 2018

  • Hemocyanin facilitates lignocellulose digestion by wood-boring marine crustaceans
    K. Besser, G. P. Malyon, W. S. Eborall, G. P. da Cunha, A. Dowle, L. C. Garcia, S. J. Page, R. Dupree, M. Kern, L. D. Gomez, Y. Li, L. Elias, F. Sabbadin, S. E. Mohamad, G. Pesante, E. R. de Azevedo, I. Polikarpov, P. Dupree, S. M. Cragg, N. C. Bruce, S. J. McQueen-Mason Nature Comm. 9:5125 (2018) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-07575-2
  • Direct solid state NMR observation of the 105Pd nucleus in inorganic compounds and palladium metal systems | T. J. N. Hooper, T. A. Partridge, G. J. Rees, D. S. Keeble, N. A. Powell, M. E. Smith, I. P. Mikheenko, L. E. Macaskie, P. T. Bishop, J. V. Hanna, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2018), 20, 26734-26743 | DOI:10.1039/C8CP02594K
  • Structural investigations of perlite and expanded perlite using 1H, 27Al and 29Si solid-state NMR | Z. Zujovic, W. V. K. Wheelwright, P. A. Kilmartin, J. V. Hanna, R. P. Cooney, Ceramics International (2018), 44, 2952-2958 | DOI:10.1039/C8CC05193C
  • Improving Confidence in Crystal Structure Solutions Using NMR Crystallography: The Case of β-Piroxicam | A. S. Tatton, H. Blade, S. P. Brown, P. Hodgkinson, L. P. Hughes, S. O. N. Lill, J. R. Yates, Crystal Growth & Design. (2018) 18, 3339-3351 | DOI:10.1021/acs.cgd.8b00022
  • Pushing the limits of sensitivity and resolution for natural abundance 43Ca NMR using ultra-high magnetic field (35.2 T) | C. Bonhomme, X. Wang, I. Hung, Z. Gan, C. Gervais, C. Sassoye, J. Rimsza, J. Du, M. E. Smith, J. V. Hanna, S. Sarda, P. Gras, C. Combes, D. Laurencin, Chemical Communications (2018), 54, 9591-9594 | DOI:10.1016/j.ceramint.2017.11.047 
  • A Combined 25Mg Solid-State NMR and Ab Initio DFT Approach to Probe the Local Structural Differences in Magnesium Acetate Phases Mg(CH3COO)2 ⋅ nH2O (n=0, 1, 4) | V. R. Seymour, S. P. Day, G. Scholz, K. Scheurell, D. Iuga, J. M. Griffin, E. Kemnitz, J. V. Hanna, M. E. Smith, ChemPhysChem (2018), 19, 1722-1732 | DOI:10.1002/cphc.201800317
  • A Tautoleptic Approach to Chiral Hydrogen-Bonded Supramolecular Tubular Polymers with Large Cavity | A. Neniškis, D. Račkauskaitė, Q. Shi, A. J. Robertson, A. Marsh, A. Ulčinas, R. Valiokas, S. P. Brown, K. Wärnmark, E. Orentas, Chemistry – A European Journal. (2018) 24, 14028-14033. | DOI:10.1002/chem.201803701
  • Advanced solid-state NMR methods for characterising structure and self-assembly in supramolecular chemistry, polymers and hydrogels | S. P. Brown, Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science. (2018), 33, 86-98 | DOI:10.1016/j.cocis.2018.02.005
  • Mechanism of intersubunit ketosynthase–dehydratase interaction in polyketide synthases | M. Jenner, S. Kosol, D. Griffiths, P. Prasongpholchai, L. Manzi, A.S. Barrow, J. E. Moses, N. J. Oldham, J. R. Lewandowski, G. L. Challis | Nat. Chem. Biol. (2018), 14, 270-275. | DOI:10.1038/nchembio.2549
  • 1H Line Width Dependence on MAS Speed in Solid State NMR - Comparison of Experiment and Simulation | U. Sternberg, R. Witter, I. Kuprov, J.M. Lamley, A. Oss, J.R. Lewandowski and A. Samoson | J. Magn. Reson. (2018), 291, 32-39. | DOI://10.1016/j.jmr.2018.04.003
  • Preservation of Nuclear Spin Order by Precipitation | J. Eills, J. Alonso-Valdesueiro, D. E. Salazar Marcano, J. Ferreira da Silva, S. Alom, G. J. Rees, J. V. Hanna, M. Carravetta, M. H. Levitt, ChemPhysChem (2018), 19 | DOI:10.1002/cphc.201701189
  • Structural studies suggest aggregation as one of the modes of action for teixobactin | C. Öster, G. P. Walkowiak, D. E. Hughes, A. L. Spoering, A. J. Peoples, A. C. Catherwood, J. A. Tod, A. J. Lloyd, T. Herrmann, K. Lewis, C. G. Dowson, Józef R. Lewandowski | Chem. Sci. (2018), 9, 8850-8859 | DOI: 10.1039/C8SC03655A
  • Protein Dynamics from Multi-Field Variable Temperature NMR Relaxation and MD Simulation | B. Busi, J. R. Yarava, A. Hofstetter, N. Salvi, D. Cala-De Paepe, J. R. Lewandowski, M. Blackledge, and L. Emsley | J. Phys. Chem. B (2018), 122, 42, 9697-9702 | DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.8b08578
  • Protein–protein interactions in trans-AT polyketide synthases | S. Kosol, M. Jenner, J. R. Lewandowski, G. L. Challis | Nat. Prod. Rep. (2018) 35, 1097-1109 | DOI: 10.1039/C8NP00066B