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PhD Theses

Past PhD Theses

2014 John HALPIN Silicon germanium materials for terahertz emission
2014 Charlermwat ('Win') WONGWANITWATTANA Low thermal conductance platforms for mK tunnelling coolers
Low temperature semiconductor-superconductor junctions and their optimisation
2014 Catarina CASTELEIRO
Electrical and physical characterization of Ge devices
2014 Amna HASSAN
Transport properties for pure strained Ge quantum well
2012 Van Huy NGUYEN Epitaxial growth of relaxed Ge buffers on (111) and (110) Si substrates using RP-CVD
2012 Haitham ALABDULALI (MSc)
Strain-relaxed, high Ge content, SiGe layers grown on a Si (100) substrate by RP-CVD
2010 Stephen THOMAS Electrical characterization of novel silicon MOSFETs and finFETs
2010 John HALPIN (MSc) High quality relaxed germanium layers on silicon
2009 Vishal SHAH Reverse-graded high germanium content (x>0.75) Si1-xGex virtual substrates
2007 Jon PARSONS Relaxation of strained silicon on virtual substrates
2007 Chris BEER Fabrication and characterisation of novel Ge MOSFETs
2007 Dominic PEARMAN Electrical characterisation and modelling of Schottky barrier metal source/drain MOSFETs
2007 Andrew DOBBIE Investigation of the electrical properties of Si1-xGex channel pMOSFETs with high-k dielectrics
2006 Stephen THOMAS (MSc)
Low frequency noise properties of Si0.64Ge0.36 and tensile strained silicon MOSFETs
2006 Andrew McGINN (MSc)
Electrical characterisation of strained silicon devices
2005 Lee NASH

Growth and characterisation of terrace graded virtual substrates with Si1-xGex (0.15≤x≤1)

2004 Sergiy DUROV High Ge content p-channel SiGe MOSFETs on virtual substrates
2004 Gareth NICHOLAS Investigation of the electronic properties of tensile strained silicon MOSFETs
2003 Richard MORRIS Optimisation studies on strain-engineered germanium heterostructures
2002 Adam CAPEWELL Novel grading of silicon germanium for high quality virtual substrates
2002 Dominic FULGONI Investigation of pseudomorphic SiGe p-channels in Si MOSFETs for dynamic threshold operation
2001 Daniel CHRASTINA Transport in silicon-germanium hetreostructures
2001 Maksym MYRONOV Magnetotransport, structural and optical characterisation of p-type modulation doped heterostructures with high Ge content Si1-xGex channel grown by SS_MBE on Si1-yGey/Si(001) virtual substrates
2001 Martin PALMER Investigation of high mobility pseudomorphic SiGe p-channels in Si MOSFETS at low and high electric fields
2001 Martin PREST Low frequency noise and electrical transport properties of pseudomorphic Si/Si1-xGex heterostructures
2000 Sedat AGAN Thermoelectric properties of silicon based two-dimensional structures
2000 Timothy GRASBY Growth techniques and characterisation of Si1-xGex heterostructures for pMOS applications
2000 Somchai KIATGAMOLCHAI Maximum-entropy mobility spectrum of two-dimensional hole gas in strained-Si1-xGex/Si heterostructures
2000 Andrew LAMBERT Issues concerning the use of H and Sb surfactants in Si and SiGe MBE
1999 Ghassem ANSARIPOUR Hot carriers and high field effects in SiGe heterostructures
1999 Glyn BRAITHWAITE Characterisation of the hole-acoustic phonon interaction in modulation doped Si/Si1-xGex (0.085<x<0.28) heterostructures
1999 Christopher BROWN (MSc) Low frequency noise in buried Si0.5Ge0.5 channel pMOSFETs
1999 Ian GERLEMAN Thermoelectric properties of two-dimensional silicon based heterostructures
1998 Richard HAMMOND The structural and electrical characterisation of SiGe heterostructures deposited on strain relaxed virtual substrates
1998 Mhm'd Ali SADEGHZADEH Electrical properties of Si/Si1-xGex/Si inverted modulation doped structures
1997 Robert LANDER Electronic and material properties of MOS-Gated Si/Si1-xGex p-channel heterostructures
1997 Barry McGREGOR Structural and electrical characterisation of Si:B/Si1-xGex/Si(001)
1995 Andrew PLEWS Electrical properties of two-dimensional hole gases in Si/SiGe heterostructures
1993 Engin BASARAN Growth and electrical characterisation of high resolution Si/SiGe MBE structures
1993 James BRIGHTEN The electrical characterisation of Si1-xGex/Si structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy
1993 John EMELEUS Electrical transport properties of 2-dimensional hole gases in the Si/Si1-xGex system
1993 Dave SMITH Material quality issues in Si and SiGe molecular beam epitaxy
1992 Robin BISWAS Electrical properties of high resolution doping structures
1992 Adrian POWELL Structural characterisation of MBE grown Si and SiGe material
1991 Richard HOUGHTON The growth and evaluation of epilayers grown by silicon molecular beam epitaxy
1991 Nevil MATTEY On the electrical and structural properties of boron delta layers in silicon
1991 Carl PARRY Incorporation of elemental boron during silicon and silicon germanium molecular beam epitaxy
1991 Peter PHILLIPS Conduction processes in spinel ferrites
1991 Gooind PINDORIA Silicon molecular beam epitaxy: doping and material aspects