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It's a matter of crystals

“It’s a matter of crystals” is our science public engagement project which aims to explain the importance of materials research, and particularly, the study of crystals, in daily life. We want to emphasise the fundamental research interest in the growth of single crystals of materials and to draw attention to the wide range of applications that crystals have in society and economy.

We seek to explain fundamental aspects of crystals research to the wide public, by answering questions such as: “What are crystals?”, “How do we make crystals?” and “Why do we need crystals?”. We focus on the relationship existing between the chemical composition and crystallographic structure of various crystals, and, at the same time, describe the various methods used in research to grow single crystals and the “real world” applications of these crystals.

Desired Outcome

We hope that this outreach project will encourage the fascination with science itself, inspiring thus young people to pursue a career in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). We seek to demonstrate that crystals have a wide range of uses, other than the jewellery market, highlighting the importance of the fundamental study of crystals in the design of functional materials with technological value.