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PDRA Training - May23

The programme for the PDRA training event is as follows:

Tuesday 9th May 2023:

Venue: Physics Building, University of Exeter, Room 124

14.00pm - 14.50pm:

Scientific Writing: "10 key sentences", led by Daniel Chiswell, University of Exeter

14.50pm - 15.10pm Break
15.10pm - 16.00pm Fellowship Applications, led by Claire Edwards & Kyleigh Griffin, University of Warwick
16.00pm - 16.50pm Fellowship Applications - Workshop
16.50pm Free time, check-in to accommodation, head to restaurant
19.00pm PDRA Dinner: Pho Restaurant

Wednesday 10th May 2023:

The PDRA networking session will take place on Wednesday morning, 9.30am - 12.30pm at Exeter Quay.

The schedule is still being finalised and will be communicated directly with the PDRAs.