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Anubhav Dogra

I joined Physics, University of Warwick in April 2022 with Prof Emma MacPherson under the 'Terabotics' project. Terabotics can really be read as 'Tera(Hz-Ro)botics' and it sounds so cool ! My research is majorly focussed on second part of the Terabotics, i.e. Robotics. Primarily responsible to carve out the robotized solution, developing the robotic platform, integrate Thz Device with Robotic manipulator and systems to perform in-vivo Skin measurements for cancer related studies.

Background: I have done my PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar with an expertise in Robotics: Design, Dynamics and Control. I have designed Modular Reconfigurable Robot system (a bit analogous to lego kit) to cater the design and control problems in cluttered environment spaces and variance in the task requirements. I am a direct PhD, that means I joined PhD program after my Bachelors' in Technology (B.Tech. in ME) from one of the state government university (as now) of Punjab, India.

Experiences: I have experience with the following systems/equipments/softwares. If you find it aligning with your interest, I will be more than happy to chat on:

  • KUKA LBR MED 14 : A medical grade Robotic Manipulator
  • Kinova Mico/Jaco and Actuators: the medical grade assistive and collaborative robotic manipulators.
  • other robotics systems like, KUKA industrial KR5, Humanoid Nao, Maxon motors/actuators, Mobile robot platforms.
  • Depth cameras such as RealSense D435i, MicoEpsilon SurfaceControl, Kinect, etc.
  • Proficient or Experienced in
    • Robot Operating System (ROS),
    • MATLAB, Python, C++, YAML, XML etc.
    • ANSYS, Abaqus, SolidWorks, ProE, AutoCAD etc,
    • Robot simulators such as Robotics ToolBox, Pybullet, Mujoco, Gazebo etc.

Interests: My interest lies around the robotic manipulation tasks, robot dynamics, optimization and optimal design, Physical Human Robot Interactions, Medical robots, Force control of the robots, Reinforcement Learning for Manipulation etc.

Here is the link to my Google Scholar profile:

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Here is the link to my personal Webpage

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