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Goncalo Costa


BSc (Hons) in Mathematics & Physics (2015-2019), University of Dundee

The thesis, "Developing of a wavelength-tunable CW Yb-doped fibre laser", was written demonstrating the methodology for the development of such a laser and its tunability.

MSc in Particles, Strings and Cosmology (2019-2020), University of Durham

The master's degree consisted of an advanced taught course in a broad range of theoretical physics modules and a thesis, "Sterile Neutrinos as Dark Matter" which focused on the calculation of the evolution of sterile neutrino's momentum distribution relative to a momentum/temperature ratio, in the WMD model, at a small and at a large reheating temperature limit.

PhD Research

Due to an interest in medical physics and in the application of THz in skin cancer imaging and treatment, I am currently a PhD student in experimental physics under the supervision of Prof. Emma MacPherson.
With the intent of further exploring the medical imaging applications of THz radiation, I am currently developing a THz non-invasive single-pixel imaging setup using undersampling imaging, based on previous group research, with the intention to adapt it to a robotic arm for equal distanced measurements and to improve the acquisition speed of the images produced.

Position: PhD Student

Start Date: October 2020

Supervisor: Emma MacPherson

Contact Details:

Office: P4.31
Lab: P5.52
Address: Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, UK.