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Junn Keat


I am a PhD student jointly supervised by Dr. James Lloyd-Hughes (Physics), Prof Mark Newton (Physics), and Prof Vas Stavros (Chemistry). The title of my PhD project is "An ultrafast shakedown of defects in diamond using intense infrared pulses", which focuses on analysing the energy relaxation dynamics of defects found in both natural and synthetic diamonds. These defects can lend itself to a range of applications such as: reliable identification of natural and synthetic diamonds, implementation in quantum computing, creation of highly sensitive magnetic probes, medical diagnosis, and much more. I specialise in using ultrafast time-domain pump probe spectroscopy, but also make use of various equilibrium techniques such as FTIR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and visible/UV/birefringence imaging. This project is funded by The De Beers Group and the Diamond Science and Technology CDT.

Outside of my research I enjoy participating in a range of sports which includes basketball, bouldering, cycling, and going to the gym. I play the drums and guitar and also enjoy a good read in my spare time.

Research and Academic Background

MSci Physics, Imperial College London (2016-2020)
  • 1st Class Honours
  • Final year modules: Advanced Hydrodynamics, Entrepreneurship for Physicists, Information Theory, Laser Technology, Nanotechnology in Consumer Electronics, Optical Communications, Plasmonics and Metamaterials
  • MSci project: Spectral Smoothing of Femtosecond Laser Pulses via Nonlinear Elliptical Polarisation Rotation (Supervised by Prof John W.G. Tisch)
  • Third year project: Creating a Raspberry Pi Controlled 2D Deformable Mirror (Supervised by Prof Roland A Smith)
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme, Imperial College London (2018)
  • An eight week summer research project supervised by Prof Ji-Seon Kim
  • Investigated organic photovoltaics using air-photoemission spectroscopy and conducted error analysis on the APS04 system developed by KPtechnologies

  • Recipient of the BP UROP Award (co-funded by the Dean's Fund for the Faculty of Natural Sciences)

Conference Posters

  • "Using Perturbed Free Induction Decay to Determine the Total Dephasing Lifetime of Diamond Defects" 2021 De Beers Diamond Research Conference (Best Student Poster prize)


I am currently a 1st year tutorial demonstrator for PX149: Mathematics for Physicists

Terng Junn Keat

Position: PhD Student

Start Date: October 2020

Office: MAS 3.09