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Nishtha Chopra

My research area is in THz physics and engineering, focusing on THz source, spectroscopy and medical diagnostic applications. I joined the University of Warwick in 2021 working under the supervision of Dr James Lloyd-Hughes and currently focusing on developing multi-pixel photoconductive emitters featuring the electrical control of polarization states. The multi-pixel PCE along with polarization-resolved electro-optic detection (PR-EOS) system will be used to study the anisotropy of various biological samples, particularly skin tissues and phantoms and differentiating between healthy versus cancerous tissues.

My exploration of the field started during my Master's dissertation programme at the University of Manchester,UK in 2012, where I worked on aperiodic distributed feedback THz Quantum Cascade Lasers. Thereafter, I finished my PhD on Characterization of Skin-based THz Communication Channel for Nano-scale Body-centric Wireless Networks at the Queen Mary University of London in 2017 under the supervision of Dr Akram Alomainy and Prof Mike Philpott. My research focused on THz time-domain spectroscopy of 2D and 3D skin models and numerical modelling of THz short-range channels for a lossy medium like the human skin.

Right after my PhD, I joined UKSHA's (UK Health Security Agency) Electromagnetic research group based in Chilton as a Radiation Scientist. I worked under Dr Azadeh Peyman and gained more industrial experience in applied electromagnetic, particularly dielectric spectroscopy and RF exposure assessment. The strategic focus here was to develop scientific methodologies for Radiation Standards and Guidelines.

I am originally from Delhi, India and moved to the UK in 2012. When I am not in the lab, I keep myself busy with tennis, yoga and archery.

I invite you to read a bit about my work here:

Fibroblasts cell number density based human skin characterization at THz for in-body nanonetworks

THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy of Human Skin Tissue for In-Body Nanonetworks

Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields From Smart Utility Meters in GB

Book Chapters:

Chopra Nishtha*; Yang, Ke, Abbasi, Qammer H.; Qaraqe, Khalid; Alomainy, Akram: 'Down scaling to the nano scale in body-centric nano-networks' (Telecommunications, 2016), 'Advances in Body-Centric Wireless Communication: Applications and state-of-the-art', Chap. 12, pp. 375-411

My blog in Government in Science:

Women in Engineering

Nishtha Chopra

Dr Nishtha Chopra

Office: MAS 3.09