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Medical Physics - Home Page

Tissue Modelling and Imaging Methods (Wilson)

Research centred on the use of mathematical models to improve understanding of disease processes and to improve treatment.

Current research includes modelling the respiratory system during acute lung disease, using NMR to characterise normal and cancerous tissue, compartmental modelling of the dynamics of the knee joint and the use of high power ultrasound to create tissue hyperthermia.

Other Medical and Biological Physics Research Around the University

Biological Theoretical Physics (Dixon, Turner)

Behaviour, organisation and transport in membranes provide a rich area for theoretical physics studies. One example being the structure, stability and interactions between self-assembled protein fibres, such as those causing sickle cell disease. New models for myosin V molecular motors and genetic networks with cost function concepts combined with traditional techniques such as simulated annealing are being explored.

Solid State NMR of Biological Materials (Brown, Dupree, Howes, Smith)

Hydrogen-bonding is at the heart of most biochemical processes. Work is currently underway to develop new NMR approaches to characterise hydrogen-bonding including 17O and high resolution proton NMR. This work is carried out with colleagues in Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry departments at Warwick and other universities.