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Prof Tim Gershon

Research Interests

Flavour physics and CP violation; neutrino and heavy quark physics. I work in testing the model of CP violation effects that won Kobayashi and Maskawa the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Specifically, I am active in the study of B mesons, at the B factory experiments: (2001-2005) Belle at KEK, (2005-present) BaBar at SLAC (Warwick page), and (2008-foreseeable future) LHCb at CERN. I was physics co-ordinator for the international LHCb collaboration for the calender years 2012-13, and since July 2016 I am LHCb UK spokesperson. Details of the Warwick group activity on LHCb can be found on under the Warwick LHCb group webpage. I am a member (and ex-co-leader) of HFLAV, for which I also have responsibility for averaging measurements related to the angles of the Unitarity Triangle.

Postgraduate research opportunities on LHCb are available (look under "B physics" on this link). Particular interests are tests of the Standard Model and searches for new physics with measurements at these experiments, and also at future facilities.

I was awarded a 2018 IPPP Senior Experimental Fellowship for the project "Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour Physics".

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    Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL


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    Office: P544
    +44 (0)2476523778
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    Elementary Particle Physics Group
    Warwick LHCb Group
    LHCb experiment