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GWM lecture


Here is a Powerpoint file (24 MB) combining my pulsed magnetic resonace animations (rotating frame, spin echo and spin echo decay). These are on Wikipedia also, but this version includes the initial still frame which allows you to start the animation.

still from spin echo animation by GW Morley

Macroscopic Superpositions to Test Quantum Gravity

For the 2021 summer school on Quantum Sensors for Fundamental Physics I gave three one-hour lectures about how we want to test quantum gravity. The lecture notes are here, and the reference list is here. The tutorials were designed by Julen Pedernales, Marko ToroŇ°, Antonio Pontin, Giulio Gasbarri and me, and the problem set is here.

PX308: Physics in Medicine

I give the Warwick Physics undergraduate lectures for the 'Physics in Medicine' half of PX3A8 (which used to be PX308) which links up with my interest in developing medical applications of the diamond magnetometer developed by my research group.

Bristol Quantum Engineering CDT

Bristol QECDT

I gave graduate lectures on "Spin qubits in silicon and diamond" in June 2017 for Bristol University's Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT). The Powerpoint slides for lecture 1 (5 MB), lectures 2&3 (45 MB) and lecture 4 (18 MB) are online.

Quantum Information, Computing and Contol

QuICC logo

My group hosted the Summer School on Quantum Information, Computing, and Control (QuICC) in 2015. This meeting was for students on the Controlled Quantum Dynamics CDT at Imperial College London. Here are the slides (45 MB ppt) and handouts (5 MB pdf) for my lectures 1 and 2 on magnetic resonance for quantum technologies plus qubits in silicon. Here are the slides (5 MB ppt) and handouts (3 MB pdf) for lecture 3 on qubits in diamond.

Diamond Science and Technology


For the current Diamond Science and Technology (DST) Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT), I lead module 4, and the slides for this are here (100 MB zip file).

For the old DST CDT, I was the module leader for Module 2 (PX904: Properties and Characterisation of Materials) of the MSc. Here are my ppt slides for:

Lecture 0: Introduction to the module (5 MB)

Lecture 4: Electronic properties of Materials (7 MB)

Lectures 5 and 6: Bandstructure (8 MB)

Lecture 9: Electronic Characterization of Materials (4 MB)

Lectures 15 and 16: Magnetic Properties and Characterization of Materials (15 MB)

How to write an academic paper

You can download all of my Module 2 DST CDT slides as a zip file here (33 MB).

I also gave two lecture for Module 8 (PX907: Diamond Photonics and Quantum Devices) and the slides are here:

Lectures 13 and 14: Quantum Sensing (14 MB)

Integrated Magnetic Resonance (iMR) CDT: iMR CDT logo

Here are my lecture slides on ENDOR (13 MB) and here are my DNP techniques (8.2 MB) slides.

Analytical Science


I give lectures for the Molecular Analytical Science (MAS) CDT and the Analytical Sciences: Methods and Instrumental Techniques (AS:MIT) MSc.

Here are my combined Powerpoint slides for both the EPR and the DNP lectures (30 MB). The handouts here are the same material as a 1 MB pdf file with six slides per page.

All of the files on this page are CC-by-SA.