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Kathrin Gotze


I completed my PhD in physics in 2015 at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory (HLD-EMFL) in Dresden, Germany under the supervision of Prof J. Wosnitza. In the course of my PhD project I investigated the Fermi surface properties of a series of europium-based systems in order to work out the influence of different europium valence configurations on the electronic band structure. Besides that I conducted experiments on structural relatives of pnictide superconductors and heavy-fermion compounds. For the experimental determination of the Fermi surface I used the de Haas-van Alphen effect which is a periodic change of the magnetisation that can be observed in high magnetic fields.
I joined the Superconductivity and Magnetism group at Warwick as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in December 2016, where I work with Dr Paul Goddard.

Research Interests

My research project focuses on the investigation of magnetic and electronic properties of new materials like unconventional superconductors and quantum magnets. A current issue in this field is the question of what happens when a phase transition is driven towards absolute zero temperature resulting in a quantum critical point. The new phenomena around such a point could help understand the mechanisms behind exotic magnetism and unconventional superconductivity. Driving materials to quantum criticality requires extreme experimental conditions involving low temperatures, high magnetic fields and high pressures. Our group will build set-ups to make experiments under such conditions possible both in-house and in external facilities.


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